We tried The Folding Lady's fitted sheet hack, and we're never looking back

The fitted sheet is the hardest thing to fold in the world ever

white bedding on double bed with fitted sheet and blanket
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One thing we can all agree on is that folding a fitted sheet is a nightmare – so much so that most of us don't bother. We usually roll ours up and shove it in a drawer, but after trying this hack, we'll be storing them much more neatly from now on.

One of The Folding Lady's followers recently asked her to help with this age-old problem, and she delivered the goods with a handy how-to video. I watched The Folding Lady's video on how to fold a fitted sheet over and over (and over) again, and with a furrowed brow and a distinct feeling of trepidation, tried it for myself.

red fitted sheet being folded following a tiktok hack

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The Folding Lady's fitted sheet hack

The Folding Lady uses what's officially called the 'U-fold' method. In the video below, she lies a fitted sheet flat with the elasticated edges facing upwards. She holds it lengthways and tucks the bottom corners into the top ones, so the elastic edges form an arch shape.

She neatens up the sides and the top to make them into straight lines, folds it in on itself, and as if by magic, turns it into a neat little parcel. Folding up your best bed sheets neatly will mean you've got more storage space for the rest of your stuff.

Plus, it means bedding isn't wrinkly when putting on fresh sheets, making more of a hotel bed vibe for you and guests. As we learned, it just takes a bit of practice...


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The video has now had over 185,000 views and plenty of likes and comments. One person commented: 'This is sheer witchcraft 😂 I get so frustrated trying to fold them!' 

'Still can’t do it,' wrote another. 'You’ve pulled the sword from the stone. You are our King, now,' said a third.

My attempt, which you can enjoy below, isn't perfect. But I was really impressed with it once I'd overcome the initial confusion of how to do the first couple of steps.

red fitted sheet being folded following a tiktok hack

(Image credit: Future)

We also tried a folding hack that turns a blanket into a pillow, great for keeping the living room neat through winter or storing spare blankets in a compact way. Will you be giving this fitted sheet hack a go?

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