Experts reveal a genius vodka cleaning hack to get rid of tough stains

Before you panic-buy a carpet cleaner, try this

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Spring has officially sprung after the first warm and sunny weekend this year - meaning some spring cleaning is on the cards. Radiator manufacturers and interior experts at Stelrad have revealed an unusual hack to help clean your home using an item you’d usually associate with wild nights out.


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Vodka cleaning hack

At Real Homes, we've only ever used vodka to mix with soda and lime on a Friday night, but it turns out it also comes in handy for cleaning. If you have a tough stain on your carpet, you can simply use a small amount of clear alcohol, such as vodka, according to Stelrad. 

If you can’t get to the spillage right away, lightly dab it first. But if it’s a fresh stain, you can use the vodka and a sponge on the area and the stain will be gone in no time. Genius!

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Instagram cleaning expert Mrs D has spoken about using alcohol-based hand sanitizer to remove paint spots from carpet after she painted her front door. ‘The worst thing about painting your house is finding a few spots of paint on your carpet...or worse, your clothes.’ 

‘Hand sanitizer liquid is by far the best, but gel does work exactly the same and the higher the alcohol the better. Just spray the paint spots with hand sanitizer and gently massage into the paint using a microfibre cloth.’

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So next time you've got a serious stain on your carpet or rug, head to where you keep your spirits and it might just do the trick.

With lockdown rules lifting, many of us are feeling extra motivation to make our homes look squeaky clean for when our family and friends are finally allowed to come over. Instead of using harsh chemical products, don’t forget that simple household items can also work equally well.

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Often we can use cupboard staples to help keep our homes clean, saving us money while keeping things neat and tidy at the same time.

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