Experts share a simple cleaning hack to get wrinkles out of your duvet cover

Don't worry, there's no ironing involved

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While we love the feeling of getting into crisp, ironed bedding, it's just not something we often have time for. But, we can easily sidestep the ironing stage entirely by hanging up sheets as soon as the wash cycle has finished. 

Alternatively, as long as you've got a tumble dryer, you could use the ice cube steaming method.

Linen and heavy cotton sheets have a habit of creasing up, but experts say that throwing ice cubes into your dryer when drying sheets is a quick way to smooth things out.

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'Our favorite quick win for getting creases out of bedsheets is the old ice cube hack!’ Experts at Sleepseeker comment. ‘There is no need to splash out on a high-tech steamer if you have a tumble dryer and ice cube tray at home.

‘It works best when you have just a few items in there, so keep it to one bedding set at a time for best results!’ they say.

One reason we're fans of this hack is that it's environmentally friendly, with no extra fabric conditioner or cleaning products needed. Just throw 2-3 ice cubes in the dryer with your bedsheets. 

Then, put your dryer on a high heat for 15 minutes. The ice cubes will quickly melt into steam, steaming your sheets to a wrinkle-free state.

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Spinning on a low speed will also help to avoid creasing. Of course, check the label of your bedding just in case it has any special instructions.

If you don’t have a dryer, but want to achieve that dreamy hotel-bed neatness in your guestroom, fear not. Try making the bed as normal and spritzing it with tap water in a spray bottle. 

Once the water has dried, the bedding will be left looking much crisper. You could go a step further and mix in some vodka and essential oils - but be careful with any silk pillows or bedding as it could stain. 

'Due to its high alcohol content, vodka is known to be a natural cleaner,' says Martin Seeley, CEO of MattressNextDay. 'When left to evaporate into fabric, it can eliminate any lingering odors.' 

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'This makes it an ideal addition to a homemade spray for spritzing your bedsheets in-between washes,' Martin adds. For more on how to do laundry for great results, head to our guide. Plus, if it's time to invest in a dryer, our guide to the best tumble dryers will narrow things down.

Whether you air-dry or give sheets a quick blitz in the dryer, you can totally get crisp sheets without the tedious task of ironing.

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