This is the gray paint that goes with everything, according to a Farrow & Ball color curator

A color expert says this neutral will work in harmony with any other color

two chairs and a sofa in a grey room
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Gray has dominated interiors for the past decade, and for good reason. It's versatile, it's sophisticated - but paint companies are seeing increased demand for brighter and bolder hues as we take the plunge with bolder living room paint color ideas

We spoke to Farrow & Ball Color Curator Joa Studholme for her thoughts on which colors work well with gray, so we can embrace accent colors in our homes with confidence.

grey bathroom with sink and mirror

Shaded White

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Which colors go best with gray, and why? 

'The answer to this very much depends on the specific gray you are using,' says Joa. 'Over the last 15 years, we have developed four groups of different grays at Farrow & Ball so there is something to appeal to everyone.'

'The Contemporary Neutrals work best with pinks and reds, the Architectural Neutrals always feel great with blues, while the Easy Gray Neutrals, created to be easy to live with, work with practically any shade,' she adds. 

However, Joa can recommend one stand-out shade that will go with anything. 'If you want a timeless stoney grey that will work alongside every color then look no further than Shaded White!' she says.

living space with grey walls

Shaded White

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Shaded White is described as a light gray beige on the Farrow & Ball website, and it's said to be neither too warm nor too cool. Gray is a color that can look very different under different lights, but this suggests it will look good no matter where it's used in the house - working in both a dark north-facing spare room and warm and glowy south-facing kitchen.

The name, Shaded White comes from the soft neutral tone created when white is used in deep shade. You can also use it with lighter Farrow & Ball grays like Pointing, one of the best Farrow & Ball paints, Slipper Satin or Drop Cloth.

grey wall and door

Purbeck Stone

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A question many interiors lovers are asking themselves is 'Is gray paint going out of style?' We think gray is here to stay, partly because of the calm, restful atmosphere it creates.

Gray walls provide a neutral background perfect for introducing some vivid color through soft furnishings. When looking for gray living room ideas, think about adding a splash of color with a warm red throw, a mustard velvet armchair or a multicolored rug with a geometric pattern.

We'll be keeping Shaded White in mind for future renovations, but as long as you love your color combinations, that's all that matters.

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