DON'T MISS this Sky TV deal: £25 a month – including a Netflix subscription

This Sky TV deal is a bargain, and, in the current climate, it's all you need to cure your self isolation boredom. Netflix, Spotify, BBC iPlayer and more awaits...

Sky TV deal: Ultimate TV package banner, blue background with several channel logos
(Image credit: Sky)

In the market for a Sky TV deal? Whether you're looking to treat yourself now there's not much else to do in the evenings, or, the kids are driving you crazy and you're after something that'll entertain them for more than five minutes so you can enjoy your cuppa hot for once, this Sky TV deal is here to save the day. Or month. 

For just £25 per month, it comes with both Sky TV and Netflix. We're talking live & on demand television, every episode of the most binge worthy series – all in one place! As well as YouTube, BBC iPlayer and Disney + (subscription permitting). Usually, this deal, aptly named Sky Ultimate TV, would take £31 per month from your wallet. But the people over at Sky have done us a true favour and helped with our lockdown woes, reducing the price to just £25 per month. We love to see it.

There's no better time than now to buy a new TV deal – prices are cheap, you need it now more than ever annnnd it's not like you're spending your money on much else at the moment... bottomless brunches we miss you.

So, if you're already content with your current broadband deal, look no further than Sky Ultimate TV.

Interested in this deal? If you prefer to opt in over the phone, call 08000-142-334. Keep scrolling to buy online.

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Sky Ultimate TV | 18 months | £31 £25 per month
Sky Ultimate TV includes Sky TV, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, BBC iPlayer, All 4 and ITV Hub all in one place. Brilliant. It's Sky's starter TV package so from here you can add kids channels for £5 per month, cinema for £11 per month and more. Also, if you're subscribed to Disney Plus, you can watch it through Sky Q to save the faff.View Deal

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