This dish soap detergent hack that could be damaging your washing machine, experts say

If you're out of detergent, don't start experimenting

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If you’ve ever been tempted to try using dish soap in your washing machine, we can officially confirm that it’s a bad Idea. Sure, someone out there had to be the first to come up with the trick of using shaving foam to remove red nail polish from carpet, or toothpaste and a toothbrush to get rid of brown marks on a toaster. 

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But, sometimes it’s best to use cleaning products for their original purpose. If you use dish soap rather than laundry powder or detergent to clean your clothes, it can cause a domino effect of problems. 

First of all, dish soap creates lots more suds and foam compared to laundry products, which could cause your washing machine to overflow. Second, any suds that remain in the machine can cause problems in the pumps and drains.

We spoke to two cleaning experts to get their verdict. 

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Can you put dish soap in your washing machine?

'Although you can wash your clothes with washing up liquid and you will get good results, it’s not something I would recommend, especially in your washing machine,' Instagram cleaning expert Mrs D tells Real Homes.

'The washing machine will become overloaded with suds, which will free flow from your washing machine drawer. Laundry detergents are specially designed for washing machines and that is why you don’t get suds overload,' Mrs D explains.

Sadie Sillett, cleaning and ironing expert and co-founder of The Funky Appliance Company (opens in new tab) agrees. 'Whether you intend to wash clothes or clean the drum, putting washing liquid in your washing machine is definitely a bad idea. It will create a massive amount of lather and you will most likely end up with bubbles all over the floor.' 

'Stick to traditional detergent for your laundry. The best way to clean a washing machine is to add a couple of cups of white vinegar to the detergent tray and run on a hot cycle. You can repeat this exercise over again by adding baking soda too,' she adds.

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Using dish soap for your weekly wash load could mean you're faced with a room full of bubbles, which, while it might go down well with the kids, will be a nightmare to clean up.

Mrs Hinch and her legions of fans have given birth to endless cleaning hacks online. There are all kinds of weird and wonderful tips out there, with varying results when tried at home.

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We’re safe adopting some hacks into our cleaning routines, like putting a tumble dryer sheet into cushions to keep them smelling fresh or putting a fizzy drink to clean the toilet.

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However, when it comes to the washing machine, stick to the products made for them.

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