The coastal grandma TikTok trend could be the secret to a perfect night's sleep

Bedrooms that incorporate the cozy beach house style can create a more restful night's slumber

blue bedroom with woven headboard
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The coastal grandma trend is taking off on TikTok, with homeowners proudly displaying their timeless, stylish, and homely interiors that match the trend's coastal cottage aesthetic. And even better, if you apply the concept to your bedroom, you could improve your sleep quality for years to come, according to the experts. 

Think light and airy colors, linen blankets and fresh flowers, and you're on your way to achieving the dreamy aesthetic a coastal grandma is all about. It's no secret that our interior choices affect our sleeping habits, so if creating the coastal grandma look in our bedrooms can have a positive effect on them, we're all ears. 

The coastal grandma aesthetic is about light and simple tones

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The coastal grandma trend

Thanks to TikTok, the coastal grandma trend is experiencing a surge in popularity. As the name suggests, the look is inspired by the idea of a mature woman living in a seaside cottage, who has created an invitingly warm atmosphere in her home through lighting, furniture and accessories. 

'The ‘coastal grandma’ trend can be adapted in many ways to suit your own personal taste', says Alison Jones, Sleep Expert at leading mattress brand, Sealy UK. 'It could be a contemporary Balearic theme with pops of blue, or sun-bleached simplicity reminiscent of a Miami beachfront. 

The common theme across all the interpretations of the trend is a combination of light neutral wall tones, earthy elements, and floaty linen accents.'

The coastal grandma look combines romantic bohemian and effortless chic style, and as the trend sweeps across TikTok, it's becoming an increasingly popular choice for bedroom ideas.

Coastal grandma trend in the bedroom: light, airy and simple

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How to use the coastal grandma look to improve sleep

Incorporating elements of the coastal grandma look into your bedroom could well be worth it, as aside from looking great, it may help you to achieve the perfect night's sleep.

'Our environment can have measurable effects on our sleep and this latest trend lends itself well to creating a relaxing setting that your brain associates with a calm and serene mood,' says Alison.

'By clearing away clutter in convenient storage options such as divan bed draws or wicker baskets, and taking a more minimalist approach, with a light, neutral theme, you can significantly reduce stress, and in turn increase your REM sleep (the deepest type of sleep).'

Creating the coastal grandma look can therefore be as easy as adding some rattan bedroom organizers to simplify your space and create a more calming environment. 

Coastal grandma bedroom: light, airy and simple

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The light, airy tones characteristic of coastal grandma interiors also lend themselves to creating a cooling temperature in the bedroom, which is another way to ensure a better night's sleep.

'Aside from looking great, floor-length linen curtains gently filter in clean air to your room and create a comfortable temperature for sleep,' says Alison. 

Achieving the coastal grandma aesthetic in your bedroom doesn't mean you have to compromise on your own personal tastes either. After stripping back the visual clutter and organizing your space, consider adding patterned cushions or a shaggy rug to incorporate cozy textures into the bedroom. 

We have plenty of DIY bedroom decor ideas you could try, which will help personalize your sleep space and improve your quality of sleep.

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