#cleaning: the social media trend leads to a huge rise in cleaning product sales

Clearly our obsession with watching videos of people cleaning their toilets is going nowhere in 2019…

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If you have spent any time in certain corners of the internet, you may be familiar with the phenomenon of #cleaningobsessed. Basically, 2018 was the year that we became a little bit fixated on watching videos of people bleaching their toilets and dousing their houses in disinfectant. 

And, with this craze for cleaning, there also comes a craze for cleaning products. Influencers like Mrs Hinch, who has an impressive 1.4 million followers on Instagram (AKA her #hincharmy), play a big part in this whole glamorisation of cleaning, as they continue to post videos of themselves wiping already spotless surfaces, cleaning their immaculate ovens and vacuuming their houses Every. Single. Day, retailers in the UK have seen a massive increase in cleaning product sales. 

Take Minky for example, an online company that produces cleaning equipment and a Mrs Hinch fave; they told the BBC that they had seen a 10,000 per cent increase in demand from consumers since the end of June 2018 and there are no signs of the demand slowing down in 2019.

Easho, another company who have a #spon gig with Hinch, say that this cleaning craze has had a huge effect on their sales, with growth of up to 200 per cent on some of the most recommended items. 

But as we all know, Insta-trends can be pretty short-lived, so how long is this one going to last? We secretly are hoping we have at least a few more months of tagging which Zoflora we have gone for (Lavender Escape. Always.). 

Hebe Hatton

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