These Brooklinen sheets are as soft as my favorite cashmere sweater — and new colors just dropped!

Drift off to dreamland with this perfect Brooklinen bundle that comes available in so many new shades!

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Picture this: you've arrived home after yet another long, hard day at work, and it's time to unwind for bed. As you slowly start to unmake your bed and sprawl out onto the best mattress ever, your mind and body are at ease, and it's time to drift off to dreamland — or at least, so you think. If you are anything like me, this is typically when the trouble starts to set in.

You start by moving your pillow, and then you're switching your blankets, and before long, that 'relaxed' state you were once in, is nonexistent and you're as wound up as you were all day; so what gives? 

Enter: Brooklinen.

See, I have spent most of the quarantine in the above scenario — restless, uncomfortable, and in the market for new bedding — but it wasn't until this week that I finally took the plunge and changed my circumstances by ordering the Brooklinen Heathered Cashmere Hardcore Sheet Bundle, and the verdict?

 I could only wish I had done it sooner. 

Now, what exactly makes this hardcore bundle set the crème de la crème of bedding? Everything.

Instead of frivolously wasting your money on every piece of bedding individually, Brooklinen streamlines the process and includes one duvet cover, one core sheet set, and two (!!!) extra pillowcases. Oh, and it doesn't end there! All of which is available in every size from twin to California king, and you can select from a slew of sensational shades — with two brand-new shades just added! 


(Image credit: Brooklinen)

Heathered Cashmere Hardcore Sheet Bundle l Starting at $368.47, at Brooklinen (worth $578)

For anyone looking for the most budget-friendly bundle on the market, it's this cashmere one, and it's a personal favorite. Compatible with mattresses twin to California king, and offered in a slew of sensational shades, shoppers will receive 1 core sheet set, 1 duvet cover, and 2 extra pillowcases for one flat fee!View Deal

Plus, if you are someone who is looking for even more versatility here? You got it! 

While selecting your intended preferences and sizes, shoppers have full control of just how customizable this set can (and will) be, and what do I mean? Let's say your sheets are queen-sized, but your duvet is closer to a California King; not an issue! 

You can mix-and-match all three items to your liking and customize your bundle to serve your needs. Which, in truth, how many bedding brands offer that feature? Few, if at all any, making this bundle one of the best investments we've seen in a while.

Need a little more convincing? Naturally, we've saved the best for last. 

For anyone who is looking for the softest, most comfortable sheets that money can buy, look no further than right here. Sure, sure, everyone claims "this sheet is the best," but when we say it here, we mean it. This material is comfortable as your favorite cashmere sweater, and if you're wondering how that is possible, we're here to explain.

These Heathered Cashmere sheets combine the luxury cashmere with the lightweight breathability of the cotton. Users will enjoy the supreme softness of cashmere without ever feeling hot or heavy. Each sheet Is made with a diagonal weave and custom brushed finish for an incredibly soft feel. And just like your favorite vintage wash, it gets softer with every wash.

So, what's the hold-up? Whether you're looking to treat yourself to the TLC you (and your bed) need or gift someone the best gift this holiday season, let us recommend this Heathered cashmere bundle. 

Not only will you save hundreds of dollars when adding this bundle to your cart, but since these sheets are as comfortable as your favorite sweater, you'll be drifting off to dreamland in no time! 

Not in the market for a bundle? Check out these options below:

Heathered Cashmere Core Sheet Set starting at $237.15, at Brooklinen

If you're looking for a quick sheet refresher, this core sheet set will get the job done. Available in sizes twin to California King, these sheets also offer six shades — including the brand-new classic white and Jade making them perfect for anyone and everyone. View Deal

Heathered Cashmere Pillowcases starting at $64.60, at Brooklinen

If pillowcases are all you need, opt for these super soft heathered cashmere pillowcases that feature two in every order.View Deal

Heathered Cashmere Duvet Cover starting at $237.15, at Brooklinen

Compared to other duvets on the market, Brooklinen's are bigger, easier to use, and less likely to come undone. Their duvet ties are longer, stronger, and easier to find to ensure your comforter stays in place.View Deal

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