Breegan Jane shares an entryway styling secret for making a great first impression

Create an elegant and welcoming entrance

hallway with side table and pink door
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It's been a hot minute since we welcomed people into our homes, and we think we may have forgotten how to host. If you want to make sure your home makes a fabulous first impression, interior designer Breegan Jane has a trick up her sleeve.

The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition star (who more recently appeared on The House My Wedding Bought) shared a hallway idea that will make your home feel welcoming and elegant. Because blink and it'll be December and time for festive celebrations...

circular glass topped table

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In a recent Instagram post, Breegan Jane shared one of her favorite ways to make an immediate impact in any home. Her striking entryway idea will elevate your space.

She says a 'stately entryway table styled with beautiful books, statement pieces and floral elements' will have a huge effect on how the space feels. 'Try incorporating a round, entryway table if you’re looking to improve your home’s first impression,' suggests Breegan.

Curating some beautiful objects on a circular table will set the tone when guests first enter your home. We love the styling of the table below; the white bust brings a sense of history, and the coffee table books and large, seasonal floral display create areas of interest.

The large circular table – set on a round red rug – lends a sense of grandeur. It's a simple idea, but being bold enough to fill the space with a table and incorporating large decor pieces shows someone in this home cares about how it looks.

The fact the flowers partially conceal the living room beyond adds to a sense of awe and wonder, inviting guests to wander through to find a comfy seat. Fresh flowers will bring scent to your entryway, another element that guests notice.

An alternative would be to place a luxurious diffuser or your favorite candle here, so guests are greeted with a calming scent that they associate with your home.

wooden sideboard in hallway

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If your hallway is simply too narrow for such a grand display, you could look at entryway bench ideas. There are lots of stylish options that give you another surface to decorate as well as somewhere to put on your shoes.

Taking some time to arrange vases, houseplants, books and vintage pieces on a wooden sideboard or small console table will totally alter how your hallway feels. Hallways are tricky, tight spaces often lacking in light, but if you do have space to go for a lovely circular table, do it. There are lots of ways to decorate a console table, so have fun with it! has some great options - check out our Made discount codes to save yourself some money. Happy shopping!

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