Bobby Berk reveals the one kitchen item you should get rid of when you hit your 30s

He says the new decade calls for some serious kitchenware culling

pink and purple Annie Sloan kitchen
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We all have hand-me-downs and purely functional items that we've been holding onto for years despite the fact they've definitely seen better days. But interior designer Bobby Berk says that once you hit your 30s, it's time to say ciao to one thing: mismatched kitchenware.

Even if we have some super space-saving kitchen storage ideas going on, he says we should be clearing out our random arrays of flatware. Given that teaspoons have a habit of vanishing, while other mystery spoons make their way into our cutlery drawers, it might be that it's time for a refresh anyway.

Bobby Berk, Queer Eye star and interior designer

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And if you're clinging onto dishes from your college days, Bobby is here to tell you to start again.

'Cabinets and drawers full of mismatched items aren’t just an organizational nightmare,' the Queer Eye star begins. 'They also make dining a lot less visually appealing.'

'Streamline things by donating your mismatched dishes, cups, or flatware and opting for sparkling new sets instead,' he says on his blog. Now, we don't totally agree, as mismatched colored plates have way more character than a uniform set of white porcelain.

pink plates from Cox & Cox

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Plus, we're definitely not throwing away kitchenware picked up on our travels, or any heirlooms passed down through generations. Also, what if we can't afford to replace everything, or if we're attached to old kitchen paraphernalia, like our favorite mug that was given as a gift?

However, it does make it harder to stack pieces neatly if they don't belong to the same set, taking up extra precious cabinet space. So co-ordinated kitchenware could work as a fun organization idea if your cabinets are overflowing.

You could try mixing patterns in the same colorway, or mix colors but have the same pattern on your dishes for a Bohemian feel that still feels cohesive. Whether you go matching or totally random is entirely up to you.

annie sloan pink and purple kitchen

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As Bobby says, matching kitchenware really comes into its own when you're hosting and will make things look much more chic when laying the table. Good quality flatware and dishes we love is really what we're aiming for.

Whether or not we'll be there any time in our 30s is a whole other matter.

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