Bobby Berk shares an unusual tip for making a dark bedroom into a light-filled oasis

His bedroom styling tip will help bring a dull and inspiring space back to life

light and bright bedroom with rug
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Bobby Berk has revealed a bedroom styling tip for anyone blessed with a drab, uninspiring room. The interior designer and Queer Eye star says in dingy rooms, we should be starting with one key consideration: an on-trend rug.

We'd all love a bright bedroom flooded with natural light, but depending on where the bedroom is located in the house, this isn't always possible. Find out how to choose a rug that will brighten up your bedroom with Bobby's design wisdom.

bedroom with large pale rug

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Bobby Berk's bedroom styling tip

'The best place to begin when you want to go bright in your bedroom? Underfoot,' he says. Writing on his blog, he explains that you can 'set the tone for the entire space by selecting a rug in a lighter shade.' 

Bobby says that opting for a lighter color rug gives you the freedom to layer on some darker, more moody hues. This will bring some contrast to your bedroom ideas, without making it feel too heavy or dark, he says.

Having a pale, neutral rug as your foundation will ground the room, while keeping things very airy. Compared to wooden floors, it will make the room feel light and bright when you walk in.

A great rug also has the benefit of softening the acoustics, which your downstairs neighbor will thank you for. Also, there are now lots of washable rugs so keeping things clean is easy.

Bobby Berk, Queer Eye star and interior designer

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You could opt for a large, ecru wool rug that's soft under your feet when getting out of bed in the morning. There are plenty of great rug options online if you're on a budget, like this cosy teddy rug from Dunelm.

Faced with a dark room, we'd usually think to hang up a mirror, clean the windows and incorporate a few different light sources. However, we can see how Bobby's bedroom styling tip would make a big difference.

A rug will cover a large area, therefore having a significant impact on the space as a whole. It's also a way to bring in another soft texture to make your bedroom feel cozy and cocooning.

bedroom with large pale rug

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Real Homes' Shopping Editor Annie Collyer is taking a leaf out of Bobby's book. 'I have dark wooden flooring in my bedroom and the new addition of a gorgeous deep rust velvet bed frame,' she says. 

'So, it was only natural that I was searching for a way to add some light into this room, without ending up with every wall being white. So, I dragged my La Redoute Afaw Berber-Style Rug in from my hallway and placed it at the bottom of my bed. 

'The runner size is perfect for this space, plus it provides a soft cushion for my toes at 6am. Now I can use darker colors in my bedding and other decor, and I needn't worry about it!'

Will you be trying Bobby's bedroom styling tip?

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