The blue paint shortage could mean you find it harder to pick up the perfect shade

Another product falls victim to supply chain problems

bedroom with blue paint on half of the wall
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Bad news for all color lovers - it might be harder to find a can of your chosen blue hue right now. Paint companies such as Sherwin-Williams are currently facing problems caused by the global supply chain crisis.

So, if you have your heart set on some lovely new blue room ideas, it might be worth ordering paint in advance. 

blue bathroom with ombre paint effect and free standing tub

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It seems that blue paint is yet another item affected by the supply chain bottleneck, along with a random selection of goods, including children's toys. Companies are finding it harder than usual to get hold of some specific additives needed when creating certain blue shades. 

Dutch paint company Akzo Nobel has also said that it is finding it difficult to source the tinplate used in the manufacture of paint cans. So not only is blue paint in short supply, but the process of making its containers is more complicated, too.

Another aspect of the problem is the fact that the cost of raw materials for making paint has risen. But, it's not just Akzo Nobel battling with a lack of substances needed to make its paint.

blue wall in bedroom with a luxurious bed and chunky knit throw

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Paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams is also experiencing shortages connected with the supply chain disruptions. So, how bad is the blue paint shortage?

It's unlikely that there could be a mass shortage with empty shelves - so don't abandon those blue living room ideas. However, you may find when browsing online that some shades may be temporarily out of stock.

A spokesperson for Akzo Nobel told the Insider that to make paint you need between 50 and 60 ingredients. 'Some additives are difficult to get,' they said.

CEO Thierry Vanlancker reportedly cited 'one basic color tint' that is extremely difficult to get. He went on to paint a grim picture, saying that the supply chain disruptions are 'creating complete chaos.'

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There have also been shortages in a substance that makes its paints waterproof, making it hard to create some of their exterior paints. According to CNN Business, Sherwin-Williams told investors in September that it is facing raw material shortages. 

It also said that this is increasing the overall cost to make paint and that it is expecting shortages into 2022. The pandemic sparked a huge increase in demand for paint of all colors, as people took on painting rooms themselves and other popular DIY projects

Now the supply chain issues are making it harder for companies to manufacture their product. 

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