Bhs lighting nails designer looks at high street prices

Finding these Bhs lighting gems has us positively GLOWING

Bhs lighting
(Image credit: Bhs)

After designer lighting with a high street price tag? Bhs lighting has got it licked. We're talking feature pendant lights, sleek office lamps and lampshades that are both sophisticated and contemporary. So, if you're looking to fill your home with designer look lighting buys but don't want to empty your pocket, get your glow on with our edit of the best buys. And if you don't tell anyone they're from Bhs, neither will we. 

For more lighting ideas, we've got a lighting hub because, urm, we love lighting.

1. Best Bhs lighting for a sleek home office

BHS lighting desk lamp

(Image credit: BHS)

Mmmm that white finish with brass accents. We're feeling this Anglepoise style, Mid-century modern feel lamp for a clean, sleek office or even bedside table. The hourglass shade, open on both sides, is contemporary in design and also provides a focused light so you can work into the night without all that squinting (a wrinkle defying lampshade?!). Practicality and style in one is a yes from us, every time. Olson Arc Task Table Lamp, £35.

The Olson range has a few other fab lighting pieces, all with this same sleek style. Check out the Arc Floor Lamp, £80, and the Ceiling Pendant Light, £40, too. 

2. Best Bhs lighting for making a design statement

BHS wall light abstract

(Image credit: BHS)

Can we talk about how expensive this light looks? It wouldn't seem out of place in a designer's studio loft in Manhattan. If that's a look we can bag for £90 and nobody needs to know, bring it on. The abstract style with the exposed bulbs and industrial style arms plus that on-trend mix of black and copper... Obsessed! If you're looking to give your home a contemporary twist, this pendant light can become your feature kitchen island lighting or a modern hallway chandelier with a twist. Heritage Inspired Calvet Adjustable Ceiling Pendant, £90.

3. Best Bhs lighting for living rooms and hallways

BHS table lamp and lampshade

(Image credit: BHS)

We refuse to believe that this lamp is only ahem... £50. Its detailed ceramic base in grey is giving us serious designer vibes, especially paired with that simple, clean cut neutral white shade. We love how the base takes the shape of a curved bouquet vase, whilst the drum lampshade is sleek and simple, by contrast. Cosgrove Patterned Ceramic Table Lamp, £50.

It also comes in mustard yellow and cobalt blue if you're after a pop of colour (PS if you need help creating a mood board for colour scheming, we've got your back).

4. Best Bhs lighting for a dining and living rooms

BHS tall floor lamp in rose gold

(Image credit: BHS)

Ooooh hey, rose gold. Those rosey tones in a room really give off cosy vibes without compromising on style. If it's that moody ambience you're after, you've found your lamp. The dome shape and the downward directed light make the Benson Dome Shade Floor Lamp, £110, the perfect scene setter. 

By the way, if it's moody you're after, you're going to want to check out Primark Home. Their new autumn range is moody... but it's making us very happy

5. Best Bhs lighting for over a dining table

BHS living room pendant lighting

(Image credit: BHS)

Oh smokey glass, how we love you. Pendant lights are one of our fave design hacks. Space saving and super stylish, we love the way that suspending a bulb from an industrial wire has taken centre stage in designer homes. This pendant light from Bhs has adopted the pendant light but with a twist, by ditching the exposed bulb concept and applying a dual shade to the bulb, as well as smoked glass for a more atmosphere boosting shine. This is what makes the Carmella Ceiling Pendant, £60, so perfect for a dining room space.

6. Best Bhs lighting for a teenager's room 

BHS lighting exposed bulb blue table light

(Image credit: BHS)

It's no secret that the design world has been obsessed with exposed bulbs recently. They're minimalist and fab and thanks to LED they're not as hot to touch as trad bulbs. We couldn't not show you the Tizzo Retro Vessel Table Lamp, £30, in cobalt blue because we love the quirky, rustic vibe. The vintage tint of the LED means that this light is super warm and perfect for the bedroom when you just need to kick back and relax. 

7. Best Bhs lighting for a child's bedroom

BHS lighting for a childs room

(Image credit: BHS)

Is it just us or is there something super futuristic about this light? It kind of reminds us of WALL-E in a totally cute and not-weird way... This light would look fab in a kid's room because it's sturdy and has a simple, industrial look that is versatile (it also comes in black), so if your little one chops and changes what their favourite colour is, accessorising around it won't be hard. Plus, the head moves and we're getting stage light vibes... lights off, spotlight on, performance in front of the mirror, anyone? Telfer Table Lamp, £40.

8. Best BHS lighting for a kitchen island

Kitchen island lighting by Bhs

(Image credit: Bhs)

This cluster lighting arrangement may not be your typical kitchen island lighting but if your culinary space is somewhere you want to boost style and cheat a designer look, we reckon it'll do the trick. The metal, glass and cable look is industrial without being messy. Industrial Style Ceiling Cluster Pendant, £180.

However, if you're on the hunt for kitchen island lighting that's more traditionally functional and your space is too busy for cluster lighting (or clutter lighting, in your case), we've got tons of other ideas. In fact, we have a guide: these kitchen island lighting finds will turn your kitchen from so-so to stunning.

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