The best soil for succulents from $14 — plant experts reveal the mix that helps this greenery thrive

We found the best soil for succulents and talked to plant experts for their pro tips to keeping your plant babies happy

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Searching for the best soil for succulents? Though the greenery is famously low-maintenance, it does have a few requirements in the dirt department. 

If you want your haworthia leaves to stay spiky and your echeveria to keep its rosy shape, make sure you're taking our pros' advice about the best soil for your green babies. We've also rounded up three great options, starting from just $14.

Since succulents are pretty easygoing, they are often one of the best indoor plants, so take note of their soil needs to help them stay in tip-top shape.

The best soil for succulents — plants pros weigh in

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Succulents are usually not fans of heavy hydration, making their soil an important factor in their care.

"Succulents thrive in environments that mimic their natural arid habitats, meaning the best soil drains quickly and limits moisture," says Teri Valenzuela, natural science manager at Sunday Lawn Care. "Sandy soils or specialized potting mixes are perfect as they offer the drainage these plants need."

Psst: you can shop Sunday Lawn Care at Walmart, and should you need a boost for your plant's environment, the Sunday Organics Soil Boost ($19) is available directly from the brand's website. 

Gene Caballero, co-founder of GreenPal notes that there are a few main ingredients that help the soil get the job done. 

"Such a mix typically consists of potting soil, coarse sand, and perlite or pumice to ensure the soil drains quickly while still holding sufficient moisture for the plants' needs," he says. 

As much as we love cute plant pots, sometimes they don't come equipped with the proper drainage. Opt for something like the four inch ZOUTOG Plant Pot with drainage from Amazon, which is available in a set of six or four. And if you want to be extra vigilant on their moisture needs, invest in the GROWIT Soil Water Monitor for Plants on Amazon

When you can't get your hands on the specific requirements Teri and Gene note, there are some alternative routes that will help you care for these houseplants

"Regular garden soil or dense potting mixes, which retain too much moisture, are not suitable for these drought-resistant plants," Gene says. 

A cactus mix, or any potting mix with pumice or perlite, can be a viable alternative, but ultimately, you want to give this baby the environment it knows and loves.

Teri Valenzuela
Teri Valenzuela

Teri is the natural science manager at Sunday Lawn Care, which will help you achieve the green lawn of your dreams without toxic chemicals.

Gene Caballero
Gene Caballero

Gene Caballero is co-founder of Green Pal, a platform connecting customers to lawn care experts in their area throughout the United States. With such diverse areas to cover, Gene is well-versed in specific greenery needs for various environments. 

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