We tried this baking soda cleaning hack for removing wall marks – and are seriously impressed

We gave it a go so you can learn from our mistakes

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Baking soda cleaning hacks have been doing the rounds on TikTok lately, transforming everything from smelly trainers to discolored laundry. When we found this incredibly simple trick using bicarbonate of soda to wipe away wall scuffs, we decided to put it to the test.

When it comes to how to clean walls, there's the risk of removing the paint by accident, so make sure you try an inconspicuous area first. We tried a cheap baking soda wall cleaning hack that simply involves dipping a damp sponge into some bicarb and gently rubbing away marks.

white wall with marks about to be cleaned with scrub daddy and bicarbonate of soda

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We try the bicarbonate of soda wall cleaning hack

You will need: a damp sponge – I used the soft side of a Scrub Mommy, available at Amazon – and about half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. I tested it on a discreet part of the wall first, and it seemed to work. 

So I went in for my wardrobe door that I'd marked by bashing against my bedside table. I was honestly shocked how the mark disappeared before my eyes. 

Before trying the baking soda, I used just the sponge and water to check it wasn't just a case of rubbing it off. The sponge solo had no effect, so it was definitely thanks to this tip. 


white wall with marks

There were two marks on the surface of the outside of my wardrobe

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Bicarbonate of soda worked wonders on the scuffs on my wardrobe door. However, a word of warning, I also tried the tip on a blue tac mark on my wall and it didn't go quite so well.

It's a different surface to the outside of my wardrobe, and I ended up making it worse. Some of the paint came off onto my sponge, and I now have a slightly murky mark on the wall. 

Overall, though, I'd definitely recommend trying this budget-friendly bicarbonate of soda wall cleaning hack. Particularly if you're renting and need to get rid of marks in your hallway (or any other room) before leaving your apartment.


white wall with marks removed with a bicarbonate of soda cleaning hack

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As if by magic, the marks vanished. If it doesn't work for you, you can always read up on other ways to clean white walls and, hopefully, get your deposit back.

Would you try this cleaning tip?

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