Trust us, Aldi's electric wine kit will be a lifesaver at your holiday table this year

Grab one while you can: the Ambiano electric wine set won't be around for long, and you can't miss out

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The celebratory season has commenced, and the Ambiano electric wine set from Aldi will ensure that your festivities go off without a hitch. 

Our food and hosting experts insist that you welcome guests with a delicious drink upon their arrival, but what if you can't remove the cork from the bottle of Prosecco? What if your Malbec tastes more like vinegar than wine? These conundrums are not going to fly, folks. You have to remain one step ahead. 

Luckily, tools like the Ambiano electric wine set will deflect a Christmas dinner crisis in the spirits department. Make sure your hosting essentials are up to snuff for the big day — you won't regret it. 

The Ambiano electric wine set at Aldi

While it can be challenging to figure out how to clean wine glasses and leave them streak-free, you have to open the bottle and pour first. That's where the Ambiano electric wine set comes in. The nifty gadget, available in three colorways, uses a simple button to remove corks, aerates the wine while pouring, and preserves the drink's flavor by removing air from uncorked bottles. It's a little lifesaver — and one that you probably didn't even think to add to your grocery list. 

Available beginning Wednesday, December 13, this week's Aldi find is sure to fly off the shelves, so you'll want to act quickly. What's more, it'll extend far beyond Christmas dinner and serve you well during any get-together. How to remove wine stains from the carpet? Well, that's another story. (But our cleaning experts will gladly assist.)

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Since online shopping is not possible at Aldi, and each location might differ in terms of inventory, you might want to consider similar items — just in case. And if you're feeling confident going the old-fashioned route, we've uncovered the best wine openers for cork-free vino.

Whether you're gathering loved ones over your home for the first time, or you're a seasoned pro at handling get-togethers, hosting hacks for your Christmas dinner are certainly welcome by all levels. While you're at it, set the tone with Christmas table settings that will make Saint  Nick wish he was dining with your family.

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