Aldi's new tropical range is making summer staycations so much more bearable

Affordable and gorgeous, Aldi's new range of summery feature prints get the nod from us

Aldi tropical range bedding sheets
(Image credit: Aldi)

We're seriously on board with Aldi's decision to bring some tropical vibes into our lives right now. Staycations are about to get a whole lot less dreary thanks to this new brightly coloured interior and lifestyle kit! 

Honestly, we're obsessed with sprucing up our interiors with loud, summery feature prints when the season comes around. What's more, the UK isn't always the most generous when it comes to sunshine, so it can't hurt to bring some warmth indoors. However, we don't all have the luxury of being able to fork out a wad of cash right now... making Aldi even more of a life saver. We're SO very ready to inject that tropical motif into our homes, from lunchboxes and bath mats to indoor plants and new bedding... so, if you are too then you've got to get down to Aldi ASAP because we predict these bargain buys won't be on the shelves for too long...

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1. Kirkton House Watermelon Lunch Bag, £2.49

Aldi tropical range watermelon lunchbox

(Image credit: Aldi)

Kids are heading back to school and the tradition hasn't stopped. Treating your little one to a new lunchbox in honour of ditching home-schooling is a worthwhile purchase (especially for £2.49). What's more, this lunch bag would also be the perfect picnic companion. The bright watermelon print makes it fun and the two carry handles, zip-close and wipe clean design mean it's fit for purpose, too!

Kirkton House Watermelon Lunch Bag, £2.49

2. Double Tropical Leaf Duvet Set, £12.99

Aldi tropical range bedding sheets

(Image credit: Aldi)

A double duvet set for just £12.99 is the dream. There's only one thing better than freshly washed sheets and that's freshly washed NEW sheets. Treat yourself like the tropical prince(ss) you are and chuck one of these tropical leaf duvet sets in your basket. The polycotton blend makes it easy to wash and tumble dry (on low) and the pom pom detail on the fringes make it... urm... adorable?! 

Double Tropical Leaf Duvet Set, £12.99

3. Yellow and Grey Flatweave Rug, £14.99

Yellow and grey flatweave rug from Aldi

(Image credit: Aldi)

An all year round great purchase. This versatile, reversible rug is not only the perfect way to refresh your interior style in a flash, but it's also super efficient and easy to clean. The flatweave of the rug is still a fab way to soften the texture of a hardwood floor, but the shallow pile makes it easy to spot clean, too. 

Yellow and Grey Flatweave Rug, £14.99

4. Summer Tropics Foliage, £5.99

Aldi tropical range indoor plants

(Image credit: Aldi)

Choose from a four gorgeous plants and add a little je ne sais quoi to your home. Indoor plants are the interior designer's secret weapon when it comes to giving office spaces, bedrooms and kitchen a little kick. Great for mind, body and soul, indoor plants are the way to go! (And this summer tropics foliage is easy on the purse, too!)

Summer Tropics Foliage, £5.99

5. Hello Washable Door Mat, £2.99

Aldi tropical door mat

(Image credit: Aldi)

Welcome to paradise, one and all! For less than three quid you can treat yourself to a warm welcome home, time and time again. Bright and cheery, we love the cute HELLO print, making this door mat even more perfect for a staycation. Home sweet home is getting real. Machine washable and absorbent pile. 

Hello Washable Door Mat, £2.99

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