Aldi is selling a Mrs Hinch cleaning caddy dupe – get it here

Attention all Hinchers! Aldi shelves are looking tidy thanks to their new Mrs Hinch style cleaning caddy. Find it here – plus others from our favourite retailers

Aldi kitchen cleaning caddy
(Image credit: Aldi )

Aldi understands our home obsession and our desire to make spring cleaning as easy as it can be... and Mrs Hinch is a bit of an idol when it comes to that! An organised cleaning cupboard, decked out with dividers and practical storage solutions are one way to make cleaning satisfying and (almost) fun. That's why we're so pleased to see Aldi launch a Mrs Hinch cleaning caddy dupe, answering our spring/summer/autumn cleaning prayers.

From kitchen worktops to washing machine woes, there's a never-ending list of cleaning tasks to get done at home... so, why not invest in a cute little caddy that saves the balancing act, carrying around a bundle of kit from room to room? Keep scrolling to check out the bargain Mrs Hinch kitchen caddy dupe, and others from our favourite retailers. 

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Aldi kitchen caddy Mrs Hinch

(Image credit: Aldi )

This kitchen caddy above from Aldi is the perfect size for all of your essential cleaning products and DIY kit, presenting an easy solution to cluttered under-sink cupboards and work surfaces. The handle is built in for easy portability and the finish is of course easy to wipe clean! Not only is a cleaning caddy a fab way to store and transport your cleaning products, it's also super handy for knowing when you need to stock up on new stuff. Save money and time with this practical bargain.

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