Aldi adds to its garden lighting range today – don't miss these 10 buys

Aldi sure knows how to light up our lives

Aldi garden lighting
(Image credit: Aldi)

Aldi has had a lightbulb moment recently, clocking onto the fact that the UK is in dire need of some budget buys to spruce up its gardens. Stacking their aisles full of garden lighting, from funky festoon bulbs to stake lighting and decorative fairy light trees, they're covering all bases. 

With no single buy surpassing £14.99 (and that's the most expensive by a mile), Aldi's lighting will be gone from the shelves very shortly, we predict. So, make sure you head down there ASAP – or shop our other favourite retailers' best buys, too. 

Find more of the best garden lighting 2020 in our buyer's guide.

1. Aldi light tree, £14.99

Aldi garden lighting solar magnolia tree

(Image credit: Aldi)

OMG, we're in love with this adorable magnolia tree that lights up in a warm white with 100 LEDs. With static and twinkle settings, this garden lighting is water resistant with a dusk sensor and illuminates for six hours, acting as a perfect companion for a garden party. It's 1.2m high, making it a bit of a centrepiece, but we love the idea of buying a few and dotting them around the corners of our garden. 

Solar Magnolia Tree, £14.99

2. Slimline Solar Marker Lights 10 Pack, £6.99

Garden lighting slimline solar marker lights

(Image credit: Aldi)

All we can say is that your garden is about to look slick if you purchase these bad boys. We're obsessed with the suave aesthetic of these slimline solar marker lights, coming in a pack of 10 and super easy to set up. They automatically illuminate at night and operate for six to eight hours. What's more, they come with an integrated solar panel, promising energy efficiency and their stainless steel design promises style. Perfect for marking pathways.

Slimline Solar Marker Lights 10 Pack, £6.99

3. Garden Bright Solar Paw Print Lights, £4.99

Aldi garden lighting

(Image credit: Aldi)

An adorable addition to your garden path, these puppy paw solar lights come in a pack of four and each individual paw comes with a stake to keep it in place. The lighting time is six to eight hours and a rechargeable battery is included in the price. A garden lighting solution that will be admired by adults and children alike, we're obsessed with these inexpensive, cute garden lights! 

Garden Bright Solar Paw Print Lights, £4.99

4. Aldi solar hanging basket light, £4.99

Aldi garden lighting hanging basket

(Image credit: Aldi)

If you want to accentuate your well-nurtured plants and flowers, this solar hanging basket will definitely do the trick. With six white LEDs, this hanging light is easily clipped onto the chain as a perfectly unique lighting solution. 

Solar Hanging Basket Light, £4.99

5. Aldi topiary solar stake lights, £6.99 for three

Aldi garden lighting

(Image credit: Aldi)

The perfect way to give your outdoor space that little touch of magic that it needed, these stake lights come in a pack of three, each with 10 warm LEDs and an on and off switch and dusk sensor. The warm light makes them perfect for a night spent chatting under blankets in the garden, post BBQ or evening soiree. 

Topiary Solar Stake Lights 3 Pack, £6.99

6. Aldi solar ladybird light, £1.99

Aldi garden lighting solar ladybird lights

(Image credit: Aldi)

Fun for all the family, these quirky lady bird lights come in yellow, blue or red and will add a lovely pop of light and colour to your garden space. Different and funky, we see no reason not to add these ambient lights to your tabletops or hang them from border hooks. They're water resistant, craaazily cheap and are solar powered, so you can charge them during the day and enjoy their decorative light at night! They illuminate automatically at dusk, too, which is pretty cool.

Solar Ladybird Light, £1.99

7. Solar Flickering Flame Effect Torch, £9.99

Aldi flickering flame effect torch light

(Image credit: Aldi)

You can't get much more stylish than this! The matte black finish and the intricate design gives this flame effect torch a certain touch of elegance and modernity. The effect is created with 46LEDs and it comes with a rechargeable battery. It's also weather resistant, which is definitely a plus with the UK's unpredictable rain!

Solar Flickering Flame Effect Torch, £9.99

8. Premier LED Flamingo Garden Lights, £3.99

Aldi flamingo festoon garden lighting

(Image credit: Aldi)

Fun fact: There are more fake flamingos than real ones! So, these LED flamingos are one to add to the fashionable array of flamingo paraphernalia that exists! This fun, brightly coloured lighting will give off a pink hue, adding to the ambiance of a garden party or BBQ. So, enjoy some summertime paradise vibes with this garden lighting! 

Premier LED Flamingo Garden Lights, £3.99

9. 200 Silver Effect Wire Solar Lights, £6.99

Aldi silver wire fairy lights

(Image credit: Aldi)

These delicate, whimsical fairy lights are exactly what we all think of when we think of garden lighting. If you're after that magical woodland feel, we suggest opting for these simple and effective wire solar lights, set on an easy-to-shape silver effect wire. The warm LEDs have a static and twinkle setting, making them simultaneously classic and versatile. 

200 Silver Effect Wire Solar Lights, £6.99

10. Coloured Festoon LED Garden Lights, £3.99

Aldi colourful festoon lights

(Image credit: Aldi)

The definition of funky, we love festoon lights for their balloon like bulbs and ability to add a fun atmosphere to an outdoor space. These brightly coloured, brightly lit garland lights will add a bit of pizzazz to your garden fence or trees! 

Coloured Festoon LED Garden Lights, £3.99

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