7 ways Ikea storage cubes can declutter your home instantly (and stylishly)

Ikea storage cubes = a more organised, more stylish home

Ikea storage cubes
(Image credit: Ikea)

Let us introduce you to Ikea storage cubes. You will have seen them before we are sure– they are one of those Ikea pieces that's in the corner of every room in the catalogue, just chilling, doing their own fab, versatile storage thing. 

But here we are going to finally give Ikea storage cubes the attention they deserve and show you a few very smart ways you can use them to instantly organise your home. Seriously, what declutters a room quicker than just sticking everything in a box?

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1. Wall mount Ikea storage cubes

The most iconic of the Ikea storage cube is the Kallax range. It's available in lots of sizes and colours and, very conveniently, they can be hung on the wall. This is great if you are working with a small space and floor space is valuable, or if you want a space to display knick-knacks to add some personality to a room. Stick the Kallax four box unit up and there you go, some handy storage for keep books, photo frames, vases etc.  

2. Give your storage cubes a rustic look with wicker baskets 

The great thing about the Kallax range is it is so versatile and can work in modern spaces or more rustic, traditional ones. Give your storage cubes a softer look by popping in the Branas basket which has been designed to perfectly fit into the Kallax cubes. 

3. Put doors on Ikea storage cubes

You bet you can stick doors on the front of these babies. Ikea sells Kallax inserts that you can slide into your storage cube to create closed storage. That way you can mix and match – have some boxes with doors, some without. Some to hide your much-loved collection of chick-lit, some to show off your never-touched Tolstoy. Nifty, no? 

4. Or put boxes in Ikea storage cubes

You can also slide boxes into the boxes – perfect for toy storage as you can completely remove the boxes during playtime and then stick everything back in and put the box back later. The Drona boxes are the most popular: they fit perfectly and come in loads of colours and patterns. If you are after a more grown-up look, check out the Branas baskets which also fit in the Kallax units. 

5. Use Ikea storage cubes to create a stylish display 

If you have got the room, Ikea storage boxes can be used to create a really stylish feature wall, too. This is the largest Kallax unit available and is just £75. It's perfect for renters as it has a similar effect to a gallery wall without the need to drill a million holes into your wall. 

6. Of course Ikea storage cubes are perfect for storing records

Storing records is a really popular use of Kallax as they fit standard vinyl records perfectly. Copy this idea and make your Ikea storage boxes into a space to keep your super cool record player and awesome print of some generic city skyline. 

7. Use a storage cube to store your veggies

Risatorp Ikea storage cubes are perfect for storing veggies that don't need to be kept in the fridge and because the steel mesh ventilates they will stay fresher for longer. These baskets also look lovely on the kitchen side or even hung like the one above. 

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