6 ways to use Mrs Hinch’s favourite sponge for speedy cleaning

The clean-fluencer Mrs Hinch loves this sponge so much she got one as a hen present. Here’s how to use it to whip through the cleaning

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Fan of cleaning guru and social media sensation Mrs Hinch? Then you’ll be right up to date with all the kitchen cleaning hacks and, in particular, the products she likes to use in her own home and to share with her army of Hinchers, of course.

One of her favourite cleaning finds is the SPh2ONGE. The SPh2ONGE is a sponge, of course, which we all need in our cleaning kits, but the reason why this version is so useful is that it’s super-absorbent. Result? Whether you’re soaking up a spill, or doing the cleaning, you can take this sponge over to the sink without drips. And that, like the renowned clean-fluencer, we love.

The inventor of the SPh2ONGE is Christopher Foster, who came up with the idea when he was defrosting his freezer and wanted to avoid getting water all over the floor. We asked him to share his top tips on how to use the super sponge to get your cleaning done in double quick time and true Mrs Hinch style. Check out these ideas... and see Mrs Hinch with her hen present, just below (plus where to buy one).

Mrs Hinch

(Image credit: Mrs Hinch)
Sph2onge in pink, £7.99 

Sph2onge in pink, £7.99 

Get yourself set to sort out spills, deal with window condensation and bathroom splashes, clean the oven or the fridge, do the dusting... You can even put this sponge in the washing machine to keep it hygienic, too.

See more Sph2onge buys on their website.

1. Soak up spills

'If you’ve knocked something over on a kitchen worksurface, or, let’s just say, someone set their juice down on the living room carpet then forgot it was there and it’s spreading, you need a rapid remedy. The beauty of this sponge is that it can absorb up to eight times its weight in liquid, so you can cope with these annoying home accidents quickly.

'Apply the sponge to the spill, let it take up the liquid, then squeeze it out in the sink with no mess in between.'

2. Deal with water

'Just like Christopher Foster, when you’re defrosting the freezer, you’ll need to stop the water getting all over the floor. The solution is to use the SPh2ONGE to soak up the melt as you go. Easy.

'It’s also handy to have one of these in the bathroom to sort out the results of over enthusiastic bath times, and showerers who just can’t seem to keep the water behind the curtain or shower screen.'

3. Do the dusting

'Damp dusting is the way to stop what’s settled on the surfaces flying up into the air only to re-settle putting you no further forward. You can use this handy sponge damp and it will pick up dust and hair plus pet fur so you can dispose of it and you only have to do the job once.'

4. Clean without streaks

'How annoying is it when you’ve cleaned but there are still streaks? Finish off your cleaning chore with this clever number and you can say goodbye to the tell-tale marks that spoil the finish, and buff like Mrs Hinch does.'

5. Shine appliances

'Need to tackle the oven, the fridge, or the coffee machine? This super absorbent sponge can help you complete all these jobs. And how about using it to keep your tumble dryer safe, too? It’s a whiz at picking up the fluff that appears every time you dry a load.'

6. Wipe down the sink

'Crumbs, coffee grounds, tea... it can all get stuck to the sides and bottom of the kitchen sink however carefully you empty items and scrape plates. You can use this nifty number to wipe the sink down, then put all the grot straight into the bin.'

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