5 gadgets every keen cook needs – you'll be applying for Masterchef in no time

From voice-activated bins to Wi-Fi thermometers, here's the smart tech you need to become a whizz in the kitchen

Get perfect results when you're cooking with a Meater meat thermometer
(Image credit: Meater)

Fancy yourself as a contestant on Bake Off or Masterchef 2020? Then you need a kitchen set up that matches your culinary ambitions.  As part of the Real Homes Show, our online TV show, we asked tech expert Verity Burns to choose the five pieces of tech that will make every keen amateur chef’s life easier. Don't forget the the Real Homes team is always available for cake testing if you need any feedback...

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1. Get a Google Nest Hub for mess-free recipes 

Make reading recipes easy with the Google Nest Hub

(Image credit: Google)

First up, a smart display is a great addition to the kitchen for lots of reasons. The Google Nest Hub has all the smarts of Google Assistant built in, with the benefit of a seven-inch screen. This means you can watch YouTube videos on how to make your favourite dishes, as well as ask Google Assistant for new recipes. It offers up step-by-step instructions on its screen, all controllable by voice, with saves you getting your phone messy with food-covered hands. All that, and it can serve up your cooking playlist from your streaming service of choice too – the speaker is only so-so in terms of music quality, but it’ll do the job.

2. Keep an eye on ingredients with a FridgeCam

The Smarter FridgeCam lets you look inside your fridge when you're outside home and suggests recipes based on the food you have

(Image credit: Smarter)

The Smarter FridgeCam gives keen cooks an easy way of keeping an eye on what food is in the house, without needing to buy a whole new smart fridge. The FridgeCam is secured inside your fridge door, taking a photo every time the door is closed that can be viewed inside the connected Smarter app. You can also keep an inventory of your items by scanning their barcode as you add them to the fridge, and get notifications when things are approaching their sell by date, so you know you need to stock up. The FridgeCam can even add items used or expired items to your Amazon Fresh or Tesco shopping list automatically, plus there’s Alexa integration on hand to hear a list of what you’ve got in, or receive suggestions on what to cook for dinner, based on the ingredients it knows you have.

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3. Choose a smart oven for a helping hand

The Hoover Vision smart oven will help you be a better chef.

(Image credit: Hoover)

Brands like Hoover, Siemans or Whirlpool are among the best to consider when it comes to choosing a smart oven. Depending on your budget, they can offer a whole host of functionality, such as touchscreen control, advanced cooking and cleaning features and in the case of something like the £1,200 Hoover Vision, you even get an in-oven camera that allows you to keep an eye on the cooking process in real time. However, even in relatively entry-level options around the £200 to £400 mark, you will see wi-fi control on the spec list, which will allow you to get the oven pre-heated from your phone when you’re not in the house – perfect for getting in from work and having the oven ready to go.

4. Use a Meater thermometer for perfect results

Get perfect results when you're cooking with a Meater meat thermometer

(Image credit: Meater)

The Meater meat thermometer is a super handy gadget that will help you cook any meat to perfection, whether you’re trying to nail the perfect medium rare steak, or want to ensure you don’t dry out that roast chicken. All you need to do is place the Meater wireless thermometer into the meat, open up the companion app and choose what it is you’re cooking. It will then recommend a cooking time and temperature, and adjust throughout the cooking process if necessary, allowing for any resting time too.

5. Make clearing up easier with a voice-controlled bin

Make cleaning up easy with the SimpleHuman voice-activated bin

(Image credit: SimpleHuman )

Finally, clearing up after you’ve cooked up a storm has never been more satisfying than with the SimpleHuman voice-activated bin. If your hands are full, simply say “open can” to have the lid open automatically, and you can also say “stay open” if you’ve got lots to clear down. It features three microphones that triangulate sound for voice recognition accuracy, so even in a busy kitchen when there’s music on and people chatting, it will still pick up your commands – plus it offers gesture control too. Just wave your hand over the top and the lid will open.