Real Homes Show this week: living room paint ideas, loft conversions and cleaning hacks

Tune in to our online TV show now for loads of easy ways to transform your home, plus an amazing George Foreman competition

We've decided there are two outcomes of lockdown for homeowners: 1) you love your house more than ever and are DIY-ing everything you can, or 2) you're fed up of having no space, hate your decor and want Rightmove to start working again. Whichever camp you fall into, we've got the inspiration you need to turn the house you have into a home you love (wow, that was corny, even for us). And it's all in the latest episode of the Real Homes Show, our online TV show.

We've got brilliant paint ideas for living rooms to help you decide which colours will work best for your room, based on the direction your windows face. Also in this episode, sponsored by Resi architects, we show you the easy way to clean a microwave in less than 10 minutes, and explain the four main types of  loft conversion. Oh, and did we mention there's an amazing BBQ competition? Here's what's in the episode:

If all that wasn't enough, we've also teamed up with George Foreman to give away not one but six four-ring gas BBQs, worth £184.99 each! To be in with the chance of winning, simply complete for the entry form below:

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Laura Crombie

Laura Crombie is a journalist and TV presenter. She has written about homes and interiors for the last 17 years and was Editor of Real Homes before taking on her current position as Content Director for Country Homes & Interiors, 25 Beautiful Homes Period Living and Style at Home. She's an experienced home renovator and is currently DIY-renovating a 1960s house in Worcestershire. She's been quoted on home design and renovating in The Times, The Guardian, The Metro and more. She's also a TV presenter for QVC and has been a commentator for Channel 4 at Crufts dog show.