DIY-er turned a concrete path into a dream brick entryway with this smart stencil hack

This entryway transformation proves with a bit of patience and a lot of paint you can achieve incredible results

Green door with painted brick path
(Image credit: Instagram / @crystal_lynn_home)

Nothing beats the feeling of coming home after a busy day. But, when you own a colorless, concrete entryway, the term ‘there’s no place like home’ doesn’t quite cut it. 

New entryway ideas can be quite limiting when working on a budget, however, TikTok and Instagram DIY-er Crystal Lynn Boyle @Crystal_lynn_homeused a smart stencil hack to completely transform her concrete entrance. 

Her narrow walk-way leading to her home in Arizona was plain and lacked character. The cold concrete path with sad sepia-toned walls was further marred by a plain front door with zero personality.

Brick stencil pathway makeover


Beige door with concrete path

(Image credit: Instagram / @crystal_lynn_home)

The transformation started with that very dull door. Crystal regularly changed her front door ideas with seasonal updates such as succulent and eucalyptus wreaths but felt it needed a permanent injection of color and character.

After consulting with around 2,000 followers. The mom-of-one painted her front door with a rich and jewel-like shade of Emerald green.

'I’m so happy I decided to take the time to give our faded, peeling door a makeover. I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out,' says Crystal.

Green front door

(Image credit: Instagram / @crystal_lynn_home)

Crystal was so energized by the opulent results that she didn’t stop there...

'It has definitely inspired me to give the rest of our front entry a makeover as well.'

After researching other Social media influencers’ flooring flips, Crystal found the walk-way project she was looking for - a chic herringbone brick paint effect - handpainted!

The job involved a lot of stages. After extensive cleaning, Crystal worked with a foam roller brush to apply Behr Concrete and Masonry Bonding Primer. For the base layer, Crystal used Behr Porch & Patio Floor Paint in Sculptor Clay.

'After I saw what a big difference just our base color made on our walkway I got really excited,' she explains.

Grey brick stencil pathway

(Image credit: Instagram / @crystal_lynn_home)

The striking stencil floor pattern was constructed using the Herringbone Brick Wall Stencil from Royal Design Studio which she applied with The 2” Stencil Brush.

For a definition, she used Behr Porch & Patio Floor Paint in Simply White for the main brick color. 'I dabbed the paint on each brick from the inside out to ensure the least amount of bleed.'

Crystal then went back over the new canvas and painstakingly hand-painted various bricks to add depth, and dimension and fix up any touch-ups.

Green door with painted brick path

(Image credit: Instagram / @crystal_lynn_home)

'After all my white bricks were painted. I mixed the two colors together in different amounts to get the varying shades of gray,' she explains.

Finally, Crystal protected her creative canvas with Behr Low-Lustre Sealer.

'It’s been a labor of love!' she exclaimed on Instagram.

Okay, so it’s not yellow, but now we think this is one gorgeous ‘gray herringbone" brick road that leads onto a dazzling ‘Emerald City’ colored front door and we love it.