So Real Homes: a glam boudoir and walk-in wardrobe

Pairing vintage furniture and Moroccan inspired finishes has created a luxury bedroom in Sarah Parmenter's home. Watch the video to find out more

glam Moroccan style bedroom with dark grey walls
(Image credit: Matt Gibbs)

While we all want our bedroom to be a relaxing space, this can mean different things to different people. However, you would be hard pushed not to feel instantly at ease in Sarah Parmenter's glamorous bedroom.

A soothing palette and opulent fabrics have been combined to create the most luxurious of spaces, but in a way that is incredibly achievable. The whole bedroom has been designed around some stunning furniture that Sarah inherited from her grandmother.

Here, Sian Astley takes the guided tour, finding out how Sarah (of @RelovedMCR) pulled the scheme together, with a look at her beautiful dressing room too.

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