Revealed: Shea McGee's go-to paint color

The Dream Home designer shares the paint color that works with everything

shea mcgee white kitchen
(Image credit: Lucy Call)

If you've ever bought white paint, you know it's nowhere near as simple as it sounds. In fact, if you told me that you once ventured to the paint department of your local home improvement store with every intent to purchase white paint, but instead you simply turned around and walked out because holy overwhelm, I'd say: Same. 

The thing with white paint is that there are literally thousands of shades. And they're all a little deceptive, since most have undertones of other colors in them. What you think might be a pure white paint in the store could look slightly blue or even gray once you get it into your house. If you've got warm, traditional furniture, that won't work as well as you'd probably hoped. 

If you've researched white paint at all, you'll also probably know that there are a lot of opinions on the best shade of white paint. And most interior designers and celebrity interior designers have a couple of options that they swear by. It was on a designer recommendation that I found my own favorite shade of white, Simply White by Benjamin Moore, but this isn't about me here.

No, it's about everyone's favorite designer on the scene: the venerable Shea McGee, of my new favorite show (and old favorite Instagram account) Netflix's Dream Home.

I got a chance to catch up with Shea last week, and took the chance to ask her the question all inquiring minds want to know: Shea McGee, what is your favorite paint color?  

Her answer: Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore.

"It's one of my favorite paint colors," she explained. "it’s very versatile and works with a lot of different design styles. If you’re looking for a go-to warm white, this is it!"

It's also the color the McGee family used throughout most of their Utah home (and on the walls in the mudroom photo above).

According to Benjamin Moore, Swiss Coffee is a "compilation of 152 white and off-white colors," and is "Inherently sophisticated and endlessly versatile." We're inclined to agree if the hue counts Studio McGee as a fan.

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Kaitlin Madden

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