How to decorate with a king size bed in a small room

Wondering how to decorate with a king size bed in a small room? Go big with your bed without compromising on style, with savvy styling tips to pack your small space with unwind appeal.

a king size bed in a small room in an attic with an upholstered headboard, scatter cushions and foot end bench
(Image credit: Zoe Glencross)

If you're wondering how to decorate with a king size bed in a small room, don't let a small bedroom deter your dream deep, BIG bed goals. 

A small room shouldn't deter you from buying the best mattress or compromising on size. You just need to think outside of the 'bed-in-a-box' and get creative with functionality. 

Holly Gannon, design manager, Milc Interiors (opens in new tab), says: ‘When designing for small bedrooms with large king-sized beds it’s important to create a space that feels open and bright. Use a variety of colors to create points of interest and soft textures to a feeling of airiness.' 

'Artwork and DIY wall paneling can be used to give the illusion of higher ceilings and mirrors can be used to bounce light around the room, which helps give the illusion of space. It’s also important to consider the heights of the headboard next to bedside tables and lamps to ensure the space feels balanced. For a more linear design, elongate a space with a wall-fitted headboard and low-profile lamps. For a grander approach to design, use a high headboard with taller bedside tables and lamps.’

Decorating with a king size bed in a small bedroom is all about embracing small living ideas that will elevate, and create the illusion of more room, not doom or gloom. Where there's a compact space, there's a space-saving, layout-busting, storage-savvy solution and small bedroom idea...

Get your small bedroom looking – and you (as a result) – feeling tip-top and fantastic, with clever hacks for a clutter-free space, that celebrates the best bed of 2022 dreams.

1. Consider the right lighting design to enhance a king size bed in a small room

Bright and chic bedroom with skylight, curved wall mirror, wall mounted brass and glass lights either side of pink velvet upholstered bed, and green accents via bedside tables, armchair, and houseplant.

(Image credit: Industville; Photo: Chris Snook; Design: @lunaslittlehouse)

It’s out with the bedside table lamps, and yes to wall lights, with small bedroom lighting ideas that free up precious floor space.

Mitchell Elworthy, founder and director, The Lighting Outlet (opens in new tab), advises: ‘For a small bedroom with a large king-size bed, look to roof hanging bedroom side lights or bedroom wall lighting ideas to help maximize the space. This means you don't have to have spacious side tables to house your bed lamps. Preferably purchase LED bedroom lights which are up to 80% more efficient and last up to 10 times longer. Soft ambient lighting that has low glare levels creates a cozy space. Another great tip for bedroom lighting is to make sure your lights are dimmable, so install a good quality dimmer positioned on the wall, a remote control device, or even operated from your phone.’

Anderson also advises making use of the space above you. ‘There will be limited floor space in a compact bedroom with a king-size bed. Using your walls to create more space is a great method to save money. Using sconces is one way to achieve this. Installing wall-mounted lighting lights is an excellent approach to eliminating clutter around your bed and saving space on your bedside table.’

Home experts at Industville (opens in new tab) say: ‘Placing your lights close to your bedside table will provide ideal lighting for late-night reading. Utilizing pendants next to your bed is a bold style statement that offers a new element to your bedroom décor while saving you from the clunky lamps that take up valuable space on the bedside table.’

As shown, for a similar industrial-inspired wall light design, try the Johanna dimmable armed scone in Brass (opens in new tab), $93.99, from Wayfair.

2. Decorate with a light color palette 

Pale blue and green palette loft style bedroom with calming, zen aesthetic., and wall shelf of potted houseplants.

(Image credit: Crown Paints)

In a small space, go for bedroom paint colors in pale shades to create the illusion of space, or perhaps try a gray bedroom idea with barely-there tones to spread the shhh... Try First snowfall by Benjamin Moore (opens in new tab), for a similar, delicate blue-gray on walls. 

Christina Mobley, Restyled Homes (opens in new tab), says: ‘One way to decorate a small bedroom with a king-size bed is to use light colors on the walls and in the bedroom furniture. For example, you could paint the walls white or pale blue and use furniture with a light wood finish. You could also use mirrored doors on the closet or armoire storage to reflect light around the room and give the illusion of more space.'

 Paige Anderson, interior design architect at Nitido Design (opens in new tab), says: ‘White is a good color to use in a tiny bedroom because it brightens dark corners and makes the space feel more spacious. Too much white in a room can make it feel cold and sterile, but you can avoid this by accessorizing it with the proper colors. Shades of blue and green, as well as a soft, light color palette using pastels or light grays, will help. Warmer colors will make your room appear smaller, while cooler colors will make it appear larger. To bring extra color to your space, choose cushions with a variety of designs and textures.’

Martin Waller, founder, Andrew Martin (opens in new tab), says: ‘For small bedrooms, opt for light off-white and neutral shades. Light walls help bring calm and serenity whilst dark colors can feel oppressive in a bedroom.’

Waller continues: ‘Bedroom wallpaper has a huge impact on the mood of the space so it’s key to get the design right. Opt for lighter hues, such as gray to create the illusion of space.’

Natasha Bradley, color expert, Lick (opens in new tab), says: ‘Paint your walls, ceiling and skirting all in the same color,  as your eye does not get drawn to the corners of the room creating the feeling of space. When it comes to colors, a lovely soft alternative to a neutral is pink. Pinks are great for small spaces as they make the room feel warm and welcoming but also help to reflect the light.’

3. Experiment with scale to lessen the floor footprint 

Punchy bedroom with scalloped upholstered headboard in teal, cloud inspired wallpaper, large artwork on wall, and accents of green, orange and ochre throughout.

(Image credit: Milc Interiors; Photo: Veronica Rodriguez)

Okay, so your king-size bed is non-negotiable, but consider going narrow and tall with other bedroom furniture essentials, in order to get the most out of your compact space, and oversized on walls with artwork and mirrors to enhance a feeling of more room. 

Amy Younglood of Amy Youngblood Interiors (opens in new tab), says: ‘Even with a smaller master bedroom, most of my couple clients still want a king-sized bed (checkout more small bedroom ideas for couples). Some ways I get around the design challenge is first, to select small nightstands to make up for the loss of floor space. I do this by not necessarily looking for items termed a "nightstand", but rather a small side table(s), preferably with storage. Next, utilize the vertical space with tall, thin buffet style lamps on the nightstands to give the room some height.’

She continues: ‘Another tip is to use taller, less wide dressers or storage cabinets to lessen the floor footprint. Finally, maximize your wall space with larger-scale artwork and mirrors to give the illusion of space. I also love to add a slightly horizontally oversized light suture over the bed for a punch of interest and size.’

4. Make the most of natural light 

King size bed with button-back headboard and assortment of scatter pillows, beside crittall style window, with plenty of natural daylight.

(Image credit: Furniture Village)

A king-size bed in a small bedroom doesn't have to be a hindrance to your personal style. Let the light shine in with bedroom window ideas to keep your space feeling open, bright, and breezy. If possible, don’t obstruct the window.

Bradley says: ‘You want to make sure the room gets as much light as possible to avoid heavy curtains on either side of the window and go for roller blinds.’

5. Choose a bed with integrated storage 

Soothing pastel bedroom scheme with layered textiles, and drawer storage under bed.

(Image credit: Loaf)

Margarita Bravo (opens in new tab), luxury designer, suggests maximizing the space under the bed as storage and having integrated nightstands built into the bed's frame. ‘Consider a Murphy bed (try the wall-mounted designs (opens in new tab) at Murphy Wall Beds), allowing the room to be utilized in its entirety as when the bed is not in use it allows for the optimization of the space.’

Charlie Marshall, founder, Loaf (opens in new tab), says: If space is limited then divan storage beds can be very useful for squirreling things away. Our favorite designs either lift from the base to reveal loads of storage or have pull-out drawers underneath – choose a bed that is easy to operate with a smooth mechanism. An ornate headboard can always be added for a bit of character.

 Ann Marie Cousins at AMC Design (opens in new tab), says: 'If you choose to have a king-size bed, it is vital to think about the storage in the rest of the room, and in the bed itself if the space is to be practical and functional. Ottoman beds are the ideal solution for this as they can hide plenty underneath such as shoes, clothes, electricals, etc. Make sure you choose practical bedside tables to sit alongside the bed - such as a floating shelf table which again allows for more space underneath. As the bed will be the focal point of the room, dress it properly with colorful pillows and if possible, go for a patterned headboard to really elevate the space.'

Tiffany Payne, director of marketing, Orangeries UK (opens in new tab), says: ‘You might want to think about getting a large loft bed or a murphy bed. Elevated beds allow you to add storage space or workspace beneath the bed.’

Of course, you'll want to partner your storage bed with the best mattress 2022, to max out of luxurious slumber time. 

6. Keep your space clutter free with a Japandi inspired scheme 

Japndi style bedroom with winged statement headboard in gray, paper lantern pendants, and natural wood bedside table.,

(Image credit: Button & Sprung)

In a small bedroom scheme there simply is no room for clutter - not if you want to feel relaxed that is! Instead, learn how to organize a bedroom and create a serene sanctuary, perfect for unwinding, with a clean, functional space, cosseted in calming neutrals, natural materials, and simple forms. Seize the day and calm, and invest in the best bedroom organizers to declutter your space.

Shown here, interior experts at Button & Sprung (opens in new tab) say: ‘Taking influence from the trend for Japandi-inspired interiors, this minimalist bedroom space has been designed to create a sense of calm, ideal for those looking for an ambient sleep space. The pared-back, earth-toned color palette of this scheme adds a comforting warmth with a contemporary edge. Rice paper lanterns, soft linen drapes, and a jute rug complete the look.’

June Griffith, founder of Garden Furniture UK (opens in new tab), says: ‘The best way to design your small bedroom with a king-size bed is to keep the room as clutter-free as possible. Avoid putting unnecessary furniture, cabinets, or shelves in your space. The trick to making it look nice and sophisticated is to keep it simple. Light fixtures are a good choice because they have a classic look and don't take up much room.’

7. Create a focal point with a statement headboard 

Statement shapely headboard featuring intricate pattern in blue tones.

(Image credit: Andrew Martin)

Go BIG with a wow factor focal feature in a small space - it’s all about the drama, drama, drama… A tall headboard, will also draw the eye upwards, creating the illusion of added height. For a fun weekend project, you could always try a DIY headboard?

Martin Waller, founder, Andrew Martin (opens in new tab), says: ‘More care and attention will be placed in our bedrooms as we spend more time at home and have an increased appreciation of the space. We should avoid using artwork in the bedroom and look towards using intricate headboards as a way of introducing personality to a space. Don’t be afraid to choose a more outlandish style as this only adds more character.’

Tom St. Quintin, bed buyer at Furniture Village (opens in new tab), says: 'Striking a balance between the size of the space and the size of bed frame is key when working with a smaller setting. If you’re opting for a king-size bed frame, but are limited on space, try selecting a tall headboard – this will help draw the eye vertically and take away from areas that might look a little confined.

“A striking pattern or a bright color will also help to give the illusion of height, alternatively set a more neutral headboard against a striking patterned wallpaper to frame the bed. Tactile furnishings such as cushions and throws will create a sumptuous setting, allowing for the bed to take center stage in a smaller space.' 

8. Reflect the light with mirrors 

Hotel chic style bedroom with mirror above bedside table, upholstered headboard, and plumped cushions in smart neutrals.

(Image credit: Charlotte Elizabeth Interiors; Photography: Darren Chung and CDL Developments)

Using mirror ideas and mirrored furniture in a small bedroom is a fantastic way to draw in more light and ‘enlarge’ the space. 

For added interest, introduce on-trend organic shapes into the mix with the Asymmetric Mirror (opens in new tab), from H&M Home. 

 Abbie Ireland, director at Patrick Ireland Frames (opens in new tab), says: 'One of the best ways to make a room feel bigger is incorporating a reflective surface like a mirror. There are a number of ways you can use mirrors in a bedroom. If there is space on the wall on either side of the bed, opt for bespoke mirrors made to fit into the space from floor to ceiling. Another option is placing a larger mirror on the wall opposite a window - as well as bouncing light around the room and giving your bedroom a luxurious finish, they create a much greater feeling of space.'

Waller, says: ‘Mirrors are interesting artforms, in the way they play with dimension, reflection, truth, and illusion. In terms of placement, think about what you want to reflect: through a mirror, you can spot your favorite artwork from an unforeseen corner of the room, hang one opposite a window to bring the outside in or in a passageway as a keyhole for what the next room has in store. Bigger is always better to instill more light and space in a room and, like jewelry, spend more on a mirror as it can transform a space to sudden luxury.’

Bradley says: ‘When it comes to small rooms, less is more. Let the interiors breathe and try not to clutter the space. Using mirrors to reflect light tricks the eye into believing that a space is larger than it actually is. The larger the better!’

Or try metallic paint for a similar effect! Justyna Korczynska, senior designer at Crown (opens in new tab), says: 'Try using a metallic paint as a paint effect over a matt emulsion to add shine and reflection and bring a space to life.’

9. Choose multifunctional furniture 

Relaxed bedroom with white wall paneling, lived-in linens, tactile layers, and two-tone palette of white and moody blues.

(Image credit: Secret Linen Store)

Make your furniture work harder for you with versatile, dual, or multi-functioning designs that put serious effort into space-saving efficiency. 

Anderson comments: ‘Another trick for decorating a small bedroom is to select furniture that serves more than one purpose. For example, you could select a bed with built-in storage drawers or a headboard that has shelves or cabinets. You can also find bedroom furniture that doubles as seating, such as ottomans that open up to reveal hidden storage compartments.’

Waller says: ‘Add a vintage trunk at the end of your bed for a clothes storage idea that creates extra wardrobe space or bed linen storage.’

10. Utilize vertical space 

Cozy cabin style bedroom with warm horizontal wood plank wall paneling, wall shelf in lieu of bedside table, wall hung lights, and snuggly red wool throw on bed.

(Image credit: Industville; Photo: Jonathan Pearson; Blyth Rise Stays)

 Take storage off the floor and onto walls with floating bedroom shelf ideas and wall-installed cupboards to keep the walkway as free as possible.  

Can a king size bed fit in a small room? 

Absolutely! Embrace your small bedroom and own it with a king-size bed. Keep your floor space clutter-free, and utilize vertical space instead, with wall-hung storage and lighting, to make the best use of space.

Where should I position a king size bed in my small bedroom?

Paige Anderson, interior design architect at Nitido Design (opens in new tab), says: ‘Place your bed in the appropriate position. You have to make do with what you have when you have a small bedroom. Placing your bed under or against the window is one way to achieve this. To ensure that you aren't blocking any views or natural light, remove the headboard.’ 

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