The one bedroom decor pick you need, based on your star sign

It's written in the stars

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Your home decor horoscope has arrived, and to celebrate dreamy Pisces season, we're looking at the best ways to decorate your bedroom according to the stars.

A bedroom is by far the most personal room in any home. It's your sanctuary and safe space, and you curate everything from your bedding to your trinkets to create your perfect space based on what you need to feel soothed and relaxed.

Just like your star sign, your bedroom says a lot about your personality and who you are. So you're looking for a quick way to make your space feel more like home and more like you, scroll on to find the one item you need in your bedroom, based on the zodiac.

Aries: An on-trend laptop tray

Aries, you adore embracing the latest and greatest in home decor trends, so you probably already have your eye on an acrylic piece for your space. As a busy fire sign, you're always occupied, and you're likely guilty of many late nights staring at your laptop screen. Look after your device's health (and your own) with a cute tray to help with ventilation and improve your neck and back posture.

Taurus: A sensational skincare candle

As a Taurus, you love anything that indulges the senses, and this skincare-focused candle does that in more ways than one. Unwind with its soothing scent while the candle burns, and bring relaxation to the next level once it cools down a bit and turns into a luxurious body oil to work into dry patches that need a little extra love.

Gemini: a soothing weighted blanket

Gemini, let's be honest: Thanks to your clever and social nature, you are constantly overthinking, and it can be impossible to shut your racing mind off at night and get some sleep. Encourage true rest with a calming weighted blanket that also looks adorable on your bed and is filled with crystals to help you feel intentionally comforted each night.

Cancer: super-snuggly bedding

As a Cancer, you are the ultimate homebody. Like the crab that represents your sign, you value your sanctuary and love to feel cushioned, warm, and safe within your space. Create the perfect bed with a snuggly white duvet decorated with a chenille tropical pattern that subtly reminds you of seashells and the beach — and makes you feel right at home.

Leo: luxurious pillowcases

Leo, you love to be pampered like royalty, and your bedroom likely reflects your love for all things opulent and luxurious. Get ready for the best beauty sleep of your life with a set of satin pillowcases, which are great for your hair, skin, and eyelashes. Opt for a fun and colorful pattern that reflects your confident personality.

Virgo: A sunrise alarm clock

Virgo, you are known for being organized, practical, and punctual. Every item in your space is thoughtfully placed and has a function. As an earth sign, you are soothed by bringing nature-inspired elements into your space, and this lamp incorporates both Himalayan salt and a marbled rocky look for a grounded piece that will keep you right on schedule.

Libra: a stunning shelf

As a Libra, you adore all things aesthetically pleasing. This is especially true in your bedroom, which is sure to be light, airy, and balanced, like the scales that represent your sign in the zodiac. Bring some extra harmony into your space with this arched wall shelf. Use it to create a beautiful display of geometric vases, candles, and dried florals.

Scorpio: a black bedding set

Snuggle up every night in a set of on-trend black bedding that matches your mysterious and romantic vibes, Scorpio. The color is low-maintenance, retains heat, and the waffle texture of this set is perfect for creating an extra cozy setting. As a lover of the arts, you're always down to try a trend if it really speaks to you, and this is a look our sleep editor loves.

Sagittarius: a travel-themed candle

Sagittarius, you are known as the wanderer and traveler of the zodiac and love to fill your home with elements that remind you of your adventures. This aesthetically pleasing candle collection from Bohéme has serious bedside table appeal. The pretty vessels capture the essence of a variety of destinations. Plus, they're portable enough to make any space you're staying in smell and feel like your very own bedroom.

Capricorn: adorable storage solutions

Cap, you are extremely productive and organized, so you like to keep a neutral and clean room. These little gems are the perfect size for hair ties, lip balms, and eye creams, plus they have a dip in the lid to create a trinket tray for jewelry. They're a great way to bring a touch of coordinated color into your bedroom while also keeping your nightstand clutter-free. 

Aquarius: funky printed bedding

Aquarius, you are eccentric, original, and love to decorate your bedroom with unique pieces that really speak to you. You're also very passionate about taking care of the planet, so remind yourself of your love for Mother Earth every night with this fun mushroom-print bedding set that is also sustainably packaged without using plastic.

Pisces: a dream decoder

As a Pisces, you are the most intuitive sign in the zodiac. You're very in touch with your emotions, and you're in tune with the signs the universe might be sending your way. This deck of dream-decoding cards is perfect to keep in your bedroom with a journal to interpret what your subconscious has been saying after a night of sleep. 

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