10 of the best guest beds

Have a sibling who lives abroad, parents in a different part of the country or pals who like to crash over occasionally? Introducing the guest bed top 10

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Be ready for unexpected house guests by having an extra bed on standby, whether you live in a large house with a spare bedroom or tiny apartment. These are the best guest beds for stylish sleepovers in homes (and budgets) big and small. 

1. Choose a multitasking sofa bed with storage

A corner sofa that not only converts into a bed but also features a discreet storage compartment? That’s three major boxes ticked by Ikea’s Friheten sofa. Simply remove the back cushions, pull out the underframe, and hey presto, you’ve got an extra bed. Store your extra sheets pillows under the chaise longue. The Friheten is £450 from Ikea. 

Ikea Friheten sofa bed

(Image: © Ikea)

2. Make comfort the priority

Habitat’s Kota three-seater sofa bed is very much designed for utmost comfort, with a supportive foam and fibre filling and mechanism that allows it to flip all the way down, converting into a double-size bed. As well as dark and mid grey, it’s available in a rather jazzy orange hue – £395, Habitat. 

Habitat’s Kota three-seater sofa bed

(Image: © Habitat)

3. Pick a chair-bed for small spaces

If space is limited – or you already have a cherished sofa that you’re loath to replace – how about a chair-bed (aka a daybed)? Furniture Village’s Newman bed comes equipped with a matching footstool – simply ‘click-clack’ the chair flat, throw on a single duvet or blanket and you’re good to go. It makes a stylish chaise longue for daytime lazing, too. It costs £439, Furniture Village. 

Find more daybeds in our dedicated buyer's guide.

Furniture Village Newman chair bed

(Image: © Furniture Village)

4. Save even more space with a folding bed

A folding bed is a clever contraption indeed. Often these can slot under an existing bed, or in a cupboard – and they couldn’t be easier to prepare when unexpected guests come a-callin’. Wayfair’s Jubilee bed comes with its own mattress, and is a bit of a snip at £104.99. 

Wayfair Jubilee bed

(Image: © Wayfair)

5. Invest a quality bed for a guest bedroom

Make like Monica from Friends and go all out on your guest room, with a bed possibly even better than your own. When you don’t actually have guests it’ll serve as a peaceful sanctuary. Sofa.com’s gorgeous Cleo double bed (upholstered in Lychee Smart Velvet) is £1,310.

Sofa.com Cleo double bed in Lychee smart velvet

(Image: © Sofa.com)

6. Choose a contemporary style 

While practicality is key, you shouldn’t have to compromise on style when investing in a sofa bed. Dunelm’s Navy Rowan single bed is about as sleek as it gets, upholstered in a smart herringbone fabric. With a sprung slatted frame, the Rowan is available in double-form, too. £499, Dunelm. 

Dunelm Rowan Single Sofa Bed

(Image: © Dunelm)

7. Make a statement with colour

Make your sofa bed work for you – Made.com’s hip Haru bed is available in a range of sumptuous materials and cheery colours, from Butter Yellow to Flame Orange, making it irresistible whatever its incarnation. It costs £299, Made.com. 

Made.com Haru sofa bed

(Image: © Made.com)

8. Don't compromise on size with a clever transformer bed

At first glance just a humble daybed, one swift manoeuvre is all it takes to convert John Lewis’s Sonoma Sofa Bed into a luxurious kingsize bed. With magnetic bolster cushions that can be used as pillows – or arms at either end – the Sonoma is ideal for spare rooms, studies and living areas. £699, John Lewis. 

John Lewis Sonoma sofa bed

(Image: © John Lewis)

9. Go for ultimate luxury with a 3-in-1 design

Ligne Roset’s Multy serves not only as a sofa but also as a chaise longue and sofa bed; optional extras include arms. Comfort was a key concern of designer Claude Brisson, and thoughtful details include a foam sheet to be placed between the chair’s slats and seat when folded. The Multy’s emphasis on good looks and comfort is reflected by its price tag (from £1,723).

Ligne Roset Multy sofa bed

(Image: © Ligne Roset)

10. Choose an air bed as a simple and affordable option

If you’re after something temporary, cost-effective, and that you can keep in the cupboard, an airbed is your ally. With an in-built electric pump, Dreams’ heavy-duty Comfort Air Bed inflates with the simple flick of a button, deflating with the turn of a dial. At only £54.99, it doesn’t matter if this bad boy only comes out once or twice a year. 

Dreams Comfort Air Bed Kingsize

(Image: © Dreams)

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