Grey bedroom ideas: 12 classic looks that you'll want to copy

Our grey bedroom ideas are totally dreamy and really easy to recreate in your space – scroll to get inspired

Grey bedroom ideas by The White Company
(Image credit: The White Company )

There's a reason grey bedroom ideas are so popular. Grey is and will always be the most perfect colour choice for a bedroom: light tones are calming and restful, deep tones are dramatically cocooning – and both look fab in daylight and under lamplight. Better still, grey suits both contemporary and period homes. Our gallery of grey bedrooms will give you plenty of inspiration to get started on your new space.

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1. Pick the right shade for grey bedrooms

Grey bedroom by Norsu Interiors

(Image credit: Norsu Interiors)

Picking the right shade of grey is a must if your bedroom is to feel welcoming. So, follow these guidelines:

When considering which shade to use for your grey bedroom, consider the natural lighting in the room. Strong, warm greys (they'll have a tinge of yellow in them) will work well in an east or north facing room that has a naturally quite blue light and needs warming up to feel inviting

A bedroom that gets lots of sun – such as a south or west facing room – and that naturally has a yellower light will look good with a subtle cool grey shades. 

Take inspiration from this grey bedroom and create a laid back look by adding texture, contemporary lighting, and soft muted hues to a pale grey backdrop. 

2. Layer up matching grey tones

Headboard in a grey bedroom by James Hare

(Image credit: James Hare)

For a sophisticated look, layer the same shade of grey in an assortment of fabrics – look for those that have an interesting surface pattern like grey bedroom wallpapers and textured fabrics. The white pillowcases in this grey bedroom, plus the taupe lampshade and soft teal cushion cover prevent the overall look from feeling flat and dull.

3. Choose a dark, moody shade for an on-trend look

Bedroom panelling in room painted dark grey. By Farrow & Ball

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Give your grey bedroom a period look by adding smart panelling behind your bed. Farrow & Ball’s Railings paint is at the darkest end of the grey colour spectrum and works well on walls and woodwork to create a dramatic, enveloping feeling, which is ideal if your bedroom is solely used for rest and relaxation, but not so good if it’s a space you need to do your make up (in which case, install good bedroom lighting).

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4. Use furnishings to update your grey bedroom

Dark grey blind in a grey bedroom

(Image credit: English Blinds)

Love grey but don’t want to use it on your walls? Textiles - cushions, bedlinen, curtains, blinds - are a great way of introducing the colour of the moment into your home without making a big commitment. A dark grey blind could look cold teamed with bright white walls, but adding a lamp shade and bedspread in warm taupe and bedding in soft grey makes the overall effect warm and inviting. 

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5. Up the glam-factor by teaming grey with gold

Glamorous grey and gold bedroom by Luxxu

(Image credit: Luxxu)

Who says grey bedroom ideas can’t be glamorous as well as simple and sophisticated? Not us. The parquet flooring, panelled walls and soft furnishings in this room provide a sleek and sexy backdrop to the gold ceiling light and side table.

6. Grey works for children's bedrooms, too

Kid's room in grey with single bed by Furniture123

(Image credit: Furniture123)

Furniture in grey tones works particularly well in children’s bedrooms, looking warmer than white and more modern than wood. Here, a grey bed frame is teamed with Cole & Son star scattered wallpaper to create a dreamy scene. 

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7. Up the light levels and match grey with white

Grey bedroom with white furniture by Ikea

(Image credit: Ikea)

If you’re worried about dark grey walls feeling too oppressive, then think again. Copy this grey bedroom idea and mix them with white floors and wardrobes, and furniture in pale to mid-tones of wood and you can create a surprisingly fresh look. Well designed bedroom lighting is key in this scheme, too, so make sure you have a good selection of ambient and task lighting options. 

8. Choose a subtle grey wallpaper 

Grey wallpaper in bedroom by Sian Zeng

(Image credit: Sian Zeng)

Grey wallpaper or wall murals are a great way to add pattern to your room without being overly in your face. The gorgeous trees mural by Sian Zeng is painted using Chinese inks in a non-traditional style. Adjust the height by trimming as much of the white top end of the wallpaper panels as you need to (the maximum white space between the tallest tree and the end of the panel is 109.5cm). 

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9. Create a fun feel in a teen's bedroom

Wall mural in a teenager's bedroom by Wallsauce

(Image credit: Wallsauce)

We think the retro design of the Village wall mural would look great in a teenager’s bedroom. Mix it with mint green pastel bedlinen for a pop of colour. If you are. after more teen bedroom ideas we have a whole feature to help you out. 

10. Add texture for warmth in a grey bedroom 

Grey wall mural in a bedroom by Woodchip & Magnolia

(Image credit: Woodchip & Magnolia)

Come over all Julie Andrews with this mural (yes we love murals, what of it?). Capturing the peaks and mountains of the Lake District, you can allow yourself to be transported to an imaginary mountainscape with Woodchip & Magnolia's Arcadia wall mural. Keep the rest of your room’s design simple with natural, rustic wood furniture and woven baskets. 

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11. Bring peachy tones into a grey bedroom 

Grey and peach bedroom by Ikea

(Image credit: Ikea)

Speaking of warmth, adding touches of warm neutrals and peach will give a room that's dominated by grey a welcoming appeal. Love the idea of grey but not sure it'll work in your room? Limiting the grey to curtains and a lighter shade for bedlinen is a good way to half commit – plenty of impact with minimal outlay.

12. Go for a statement grey bed

Odeon Bed from Barker and Stonehouse

(Image credit: Barker and Stonehouse)

Want grey bedroom ideas that will change your space instantly? Easy – pick a statement grey bed. By statement we mean opulent and upholstered in a luxurious fabric such as velvet, and with a proper headboard. 

This grey bedroom has been furnished with the gorgeous Odeon Bed from Barker and Stonehouse. 

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