The best modern office desks

Don’t compromise on style when it comes to your home office – make sure you invest in a stylish workstation with our selection of the best modern desks

John Lewis desk in a modern home office
(Image credit: John Lewis)

Looking for a contemporary desk for your home office? Making sure you create the perfect home office for the way you work is key – and you’ll need to make sure that your main event is just right – your desk – the place where all the business magic happens. So we've rounded up some our favourites to help you find a modern desk that is the perfect fit for your home office

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1. Celine Desk by Nazanin Kamali

A dainty desk with an elegant stance

Best for: Unique style
Size: H75cm x W110cm x D55cm
Material: Solid walnut, veneered carcass
Colour: Walnut or oak
Reasons to buy
+ Made from solid wood + Fairly compact in size  
Reasons to avoid
- Lacks significant storage space 

Working with a small home office? Just because you lack space, doesn’t mean you should compromise on style, as this desk designed by Nazanin Kamali demonstrates. This desk ticks the boxes when it comes to style, with it’s dainty aesthetics and flash-of-white drawer. There’s subtle contrast in the square, linear design of the worktop and the pin-like form of the legs, too, making it the perfect statement piece for your home office.  

2. LEXA Corner Home Office Computer Desk

A modern, yet practical desk for those requiring storage

Best for: Lots of Storage
Size: H75cm x W136cm x D66.8cm
Material: Melamine
Colour: Walnut and black
Reasons to buy
+ Corner desk for space efficiency + Lots of drawer and cubby space 
Reasons to avoid
- Not real wood 

Modern desks also need to cater for modern businesses, so with plenty of worktop space for your monitor and a whole side dedicated to storage, it’s hard to find any fault in the functionality of this desk. While it’s not the most left field in design, the finish should be sleek and smart, with elements such as the silver handles and anthracite coloured canvas storage boxes giving it an edge over standard traditional desks. For the size, this desk is incredibly pocket friendly, although for that you’ll have to compromise on the material. Made from melamine, it’s not real walnut, and there are reports that it can mark quite easily.  

3. Jual Curve Desk

A curvaceous desk combining classic walnut with modern black glass

Best for: Clever use of space
Size: H84cm x W130cm x D64cm
Material: Walnut veneer
Colour: Walnut and black
Reasons to buy
+ Features a top shelf for stationary + A sliding keyboard tray 
Reasons to avoid
- Black glass will show marks 

Combining classic walnut with black safety glass, this desk is daring in design. Featuring veneer rather than walnut coloured melamine, you can expect a solid curved frame with a high quality finish, perfect if you’re looking for that statement piece.  Featuring three tiers – a keyboard tray, worktop and a stationary shelf, this desk still provides plenty of surface space without having a particularly large footprint, making it a solid choice for compact home offices.  

4. John Lewis Hairpin Desk

With its sturdy yet thin hairpin legs, this desk gives the illusion of more space and light

Best for: Illusion of light and space
Size: H76cm x W120cm x D55cm
Material: Oak veneer, metal
Colour: Dark oak or oak
Reasons to buy
+ Hairpin legs give illusion of space + Handy drawer for extra storage space 
Reasons to avoid
- Minimal surface space 

John Lewis aim to combine classic and contemporary style with this modern desk. The oak veneer top is traditional and functional, with drawer space and a cubby hole to keep your essentials to hand. Available in both a dark oak and light oak finish, there’s the choice to purchase the best desk for your interior design theme. Its hairpin legs are eye catching, and unlike solid based desks such as our second pick, create a greater sense of light flow and space, great if your home office is on the small side.  

5. Dulles Corner Desk

A sleek corner desk that provides plenty of desktop space without adding too much visual weight

Best for: A sleek corner desk
Size: H76cm x W151.5cm x D143.5cm
Material: Manufactured wood and metal
Colour: Black or white
Reasons to buy
+ Provides plenty of worktop and storage space + Available in both black and white 
Reasons to avoid
- Takes up a fair amount of floor space 

If you like the idea of a modern corner desk, but would prefer something that doesn’t add as much visual weight to the room as our second choice, this one is a great alternative. Available in both sleek white or black, it’s design is minimal without compromising on storage space like a couple of our other options. With a large drawer and two smaller drawers providing plenty of space for keeping paper, documents and stationary, everything you need is within easy reach. One thing to note is the narrow desktop space, which would probably suit a laptop, rather than a desktop and keyboard. 

6. Catoe Writing Desk

This desk plays with geometric shapes to give it a modern style

Best for: Minimalism
Size: H90cm x W160cm x D90cm
Material: Manufactured wood, solid wood and metal
Colour: Oak, walnut, black, white
Reasons to buy
+ Variety of desktop and leg colour combinations + Stylish, minimal design 
Reasons to avoid
- Too simplistic for some 

This modern writing desk proves that you don’t have to over complicate things to make something stylish. With wood-effect, black and white finishes to consider, there’s plenty of choice when it comes choosing the perfect design for your home office. The metal legs, too, come in a range of finishes, including chrome and white, so make sure you take a look at all the possible combinations.  

7. Albany Computer Workstation

The perfect PC workstation

Best for: Budget and functionality
Size: H87cm x W120cm x D55cm
Material: Walnut veneer
Colour: Walnut and white
Reasons to buy
+ Cubby hole perfect for tower-design PC + Plenty of cupboard space 
Reasons to avoid
- Lacks the finesse of other desks 

If you are designing a home office on a budget and functionality in mind, this desk could be the perfect option for you. It features plenty of worktop space for your monitor and a stationary shelf so you have instant access to pens and pencils. With a drawer and cupboard to the right, there’s also plenty of space for you to put your paper and files. 

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