The best fridge freezers

Between storing your shopping, keeping your produce fresh and even organising your family calendar; there’s a lot a good fridge can do. Browse our selection of the best fridge freezers

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After choosing the perfect finish for your worktop, tiles for the splashback, or paint colour for the feature wall, buying a fridge freezer might not feel like the most exciting part of putting together a kitchen – but there’s more to them than you think. 

Between oversized American-style fridge freezers with double doors and oodles of storage, and slimline models to suit more modest budgets, there’s a whole range of fridge freezers out there to suit all needs.

We've picked out the best fridge freezers around, to suit all kitchen styles, sizes – and all budgets. Then, why not have a read of our appliances guides for more great kitchen appliance buys?

What to consider when buying a fridge freezer


First of all, think of the space you have available in your kitchen. A side-by-side fridge freezer looks magnificent in the brochure, but it'll surely overwhelm small kitchens, so look for a slender fridge-on-top model instead. If you don’t freeze much, a tall fridge with a single freezer compartment may do. A fridge with a bottle rack is a must for white wine and sparkling wine drinkers, while one with extra door storage will suit cooks who like to have a large range of sauces and condiments to hand.


As well as the footprint of the fridge, think about the interior capacity. Some, like Doctor Who’s TARDIS, are bigger than they appear on the outside – we’ve listed each fridge freezer’s capacity in litres for easy reference – but be mindful of these numbers, as being stuck with a fridge freezer that’s smaller than you need is no fun.


Lastly, we’ve included the noise output of each model in decibels (dBs). If you’re looking for a fridge to go into a garage or annexe, you won’t have to pay these numbers much mind, but if you live in a bungalow, or have a living room or bedroom near to the kitchen, make sure you go for something that won’t disturb your downtime with loud buzzing (around 40dBs and lower is considered 'quiet').


Fridge-freezers used to only come in white, but these days you can make a bold statement while keeping your food cool. Freestanding models now come in a variety of finishes and colours – from Cherry Red to Fresh Lime, matt stainless steel to on-trend aluminium. Look for ones designed to withstand tiny handprints if you've little ones with sticky fingers.


From frost-free to independent controls for different sections, voice activation, water and ice dispensers, holiday modes, fast-freeze and low-noise output, think about your wish list before you shop. Look out for the energy rating, too, which should ideally be A+ or above. Many hi-tech features now appear on mid-price units.

1. LG GSL761PZXV USA-Style Fridge Freezer

A double fridge with a water dispenser for capacity and convenience

Best for: Space
Energy rating: A+
Capacity: 601ltrs
Noise: 39dB
Dimensions: H91.2cm x W73.8cm x D179cm
Reasons to buy
+Enormous capacity+Inbuilt water and ice dispenser+No plumbing required+Quiet for its size
Reasons to avoid

If you have the space, a side-by-side American style fridge freezer can make a wonderful addition to your kitchen. This LG model’s large capacity suits big families who like to keep a range of fresh and frozen food to hand, and it’s also great for those who like their drinks. It has an inbuilt non-plumbed ice and filtered water dispenser and great storage capacity. It's highly energy efficient and has an exceptionally quiet motor. An all-round winner. 


2. Hoover HMNV6202XKWIFI

Tech lovers will love this smart fridge by Hoover

Best for: Tech lovers
Energy rating: A+
Capacity: 351ltrs
Noise: 42dB
Dimensions: H100cm x W60cm x D65cm
Reasons to buy
+Frost free+High tech+Reversible door
Reasons to avoid
-No water/ice dispenser

This new AXI fridge-freezer is Hoover's new connected model, that can be controlled by the Hoover Wizard app – there's even an Ice Drink Coach to notify you when your chosen beverage is chilled to perfection. Rated A+, its cut-away door sides score high on the style stakes.

3. Siemens KG36NHI32 Fridge Freezer

A freestanding combination fridge freezer with high-tech accessories

Best for: Tech lovers
Energy rating: A++
Capacity: 233ltrs
Noise: 42dB
Dimensions: H186cm x W60cm x D65cm
Reasons to buy
+Integrated camera +CoolBox compartment keeps meat and fish fresh+No plumbing needed
Reasons to avoid
-Quite pricey

Yes, this fridge freezer actually has a built in camera. Why, you ask? We’re not entirely sure but we think it’s kind of cool. You can sync your camera with the Wi-Fi and remotely monitor the appliance from your phone. This is actually a really handy tool if you’re out doing a food shop and can't remember what you do and don’t have. It’s easily the best freezer for gadget lovers and even though some might think it’s totally unnecessary, it is a well-functioning freezer. We’d say the capacity is still a little on the small side for larger families, but for anyone looking for a freezer with the latest tech, it's the perfect choice. 

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GRUNDIG GQN21220WX Fridge Freezer

4. GRUNDIG GQN21220WX Fridge Freezer

Love having guests round and entertaining? This spacious fridge has a built-in wine cooler to impress your guests

Best for: Home entertaining
Energy rating: A+
Capacity: 519ltrs
Noise: 43dB
Dimensions: H18.2cm x W91cm x D75.8cm
Reasons to buy
+Huge capacity+Wine fridge built in+Open door alarm+Touch control+Holiday mode+Anti-fingerprint finish
Reasons to avoid
-Pricey-Ice/water dispenser needs to be plumbed in

If you love having friends around, the GQN21220WX fridge freezer in stainless steel from Grundig even has its own wine cooler compartment to store (and show off) your collection. Duo Cooling separately controls the fridge and frost-free freezer compartments while the FullFresh+ Crisper keeps food fresher for longer. There's plenty of capacity, too, with 466ltrs for the fridge and 73ltrs for the freezer, along with a plumbed in water and ice dispenser.



This vintage-style fridge is our favourite for retro kitchens

Best for: A retro look
Energy rating: A+++
Capacity: 365ltrs
Noise: 37dB
Dimensions: H195.5cm x W60.1cm x D72.8cm
Reasons to buy
+Looks beautiful in retro kitchens+Very energy-efficient+60/40 fridge freezer
Reasons to avoid
-On the more expensive side

Retro on the outside yet advanced on the inside, this sweet Smeg fridge is a must-have for vintage kitchens. It's available in several colours so you can match it to your colour scheme, and its curved lines really stand out, a far cry from the usual white or silver offerings that’ll give your space an instant dose of ‘50s diner cool. It also boasts the best efficiency rating, a fast freeze function and a frost free feature, so it’s certainly not a case of style over substance. 

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6. Siemens KG33VVI31G

A great value fridge-freezer that stays looking tip-top

Best for: Value
Energy rating: A++
Capacity: 265ltrs
Noise: 40dB
Dimensions: H176cm x W60cm x D65cm
Reasons to buy
+Very budget-friendly+Efficient; easy to clean
Reasons to avoid
-Doesn’t boast many features 

This Siemens fridge freezer makes a very attractive and hard-working addition to any kitchen, especially for the small price tag. Ideal for anyone on a budget, it offers efficiency and a slick look, as well as an impressive all-round performance. With a humidity-controlled produce drawer and space-saving built-in bottle rack, it has all the room you need. The glass shelves are also removable for easy cleaning, and the durable stainless steel outer is resistant to fingerprints, so it’s easy to keep it looking smart. 

7. Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge

Organise your family as well as your food shopping with this smart fridge

Best for: Busy families
Energy rating: A+
Capacity: 550ltrs
Noise: 40dB
Dimensions: H182.5cm x W90.8cm x D73.3cm
Reasons to buy
+Wi-Fi enabled for re-ordering and reminders+CoolSelect converts sections depending on need
Reasons to avoid
-Hugely expensive 

You might think that another smart device is the last thing you need in an already busy family, but the clever capabilities of the Family Hub can be really helpful when it comes to getting organised. Its touch screen is Wi-Fi enabled allowing you to coordinate calendars or even re-order food. The interior camera takes a photo of your shelves that you can reference while out shopping, and the CoolSelect function allows you to convert a section into extra fridge or freezer space, great for increased capacity over Christmas. 

8. Hotpoint Combi Quadrio

Keep everything corralled with this storage-heavy fridge freezer

Best for: Organised space
Energy rating: A+
Capacity: 402ltrs
Noise: 42dB
Dimensions: H195.5cm x W70cm x D78cm
Reasons to buy
+Lots of compartments to organise food+Looks very modern and stylish
Reasons to avoid
-Quite noisy at 42dB 

This sleek black fridge freezer will look stylish in any modern kitchen, while offering a range of space-saving solutions for maximum flexibility. Two doors means twice the number of in-door compartments, perfect for the household with lots of jars and bottles. Great for wine lovers too, its built-in elevated wine rack allows bottles to be chilled to perfection. The antibacterial liners are also a nice touch, too. In all, an excellent, stylish, mid-range fridge.