The best corner desks for home offices

A corner desk can be stylish, functional or a blend of both. We’ve put together a list of the best corner desks, covering a range of designs and materials so finding the right one for your home feels less like hard work

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Whether you run your own business from the back bedroom, freelance from the lounge or work from home every other day, there’s one piece of furniture that’ll help to make things more official — a desk. It’s not only a place where you can go to be in work mode, it’s somewhere to store important files, paperwork and other business paraphernalia. For the most part, a desk needs to be functional, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish.  

Corner desks are great if you don’t have much room to play with in your office, and they can also be good ways to cordon off an area of the lounge or the dining room for your personal work zone. Generally speaking, they can also provide more space than a straight desk, with room either side of the curve to spread out your workload. 

If you run a relatively paper-free business or have plenty of existing storage space, there’s no reason why your desk can’t just be a platform on which to work. If you have a habit of keeping every piece of paper that comes your way, you may require additional drawer space. Desks can also come with shelving space for files, books and any bits of stationary that you can quite justify throwing away, just in case. 

It pays to consider the type of material your desk is made from, too. While glass is attractive, it’s hard to keep clean, and will need a regular polish to keep the dust away- and you may have more important things that you need to be doing. Wooden desks are a popular choice, particularly real wood. While expensive, it can get away with not being polished for a while, and that’s always a bonus. On the other end of the scale, you’ve got manmade materials, which as a rule, are more cost-effective, perfect if you’re just starting out and can’t spare the cash. 

We’ve rounded up the best corner desks from a range of retailers; from John Lewis to Wayfair, discover the next piece of furniture for your home office below. 

1. Siena High Gloss Rotating Office Desk

Corner desk, or straight desk - choose your pick

Best for: Interchangeable
Size: H76.1cmxW187.5cmxD50cm
Storage: 2 shelves
Material: MDF
Reasons to buy
+ Large amount of desk space + Contemporary design 
Reasons to avoid
- Perhaps too large for some home offices 

With a width of 187.5m, this white corner desk offers plenty of workspace. It features a shelving unit in the form of an ‘s’ shape, which is both contemporary and functional, giving you plenty of space to store files while providing the desk with a stylish edge. The winning attribute is its interchangeable layout, which can be easily swivelled from angled to straight, allowing you to easily transform it from a corner desk into a straight desk if you happen to rejig the layout of your office or move house.  

2. John Lewis Tropez Corner Desk

The perfect corner desk for small offices

Best for: Small spaces
Size: H75cmxW140cmxD100cm
Storage: None
Material: Glass, stainless steel
Reasons to buy
+ Compact + Stylish 
Reasons to avoid
- Will show up dirt 

Thanks to its minimal steel frame and glass panelling, this desk is perfect for small, dark offices. John Lewis mention that the combination of glass and steel create the illusion of light and due to its compact size, it’ll sit snug in the corner. If you’re looking to expand your home office over time, it’s also compatible with the John Lewis Tropez desk for a seamless workspace expansion. There’s a certain amount of upkeep involved, as the the glass and the steel frame will attract dust and dirt, but because of its style and functionality, we think that can be excused.  

3. Homestead Living Walshaw Corner Desk

A professional desk with an attractive finish

Best for: Functionality
Size: H154cmxW72.8xD141.9
Storage: 4 drawers, 1 printer shelf
Material: Manufactured wood
Reasons to buy
+ Plenty of storage space + Available in range of finishes 
Reasons to avoid
- Expensive 

If you’re looking for all the practicalities of a work office desk at home, this corner desk available at Wayfair is the perfect choice. It’s sizeable, and features 3 medium drawers and 1 large drawer for stashing away paper, files and stationery. It comes with a handy pull out printer shelf, so you can easily get to the paper drawer if it ever jams - which is always at an inconvenient time!  If you’re not fan of DIY, the two units come as whole, leaving you just the desk to put together when it arrives. It comes in a range of colours, including Classic Oak and Walnut, so you can implement, or remain faithful to, a colour scheme.  

4. Ej. Life L Shaped Office Computer Desk

This thin desk has a much smaller footprint than others

Best for: Small footprint
Size: H71cmxW140xD40
Storage: 2 shelves
Material: MDF
Reasons to buy
+ Doesn’t take up too much room + Easy to keep clean 
Reasons to avoid
- Worktop area is limited 

Available in black and white, this corner desk should be considered for smaller offices where floor space is at a premium. Because the worktop space is narrower than other corner desks, it doesn’t take up as much room, leaving you with more floor space to place additional furniture items. If you are looking for a desk that appears to be virtually indestructible, we can tell you that this one is waterproof, wear-resistant and fade-proof. It also features 2 shelves for you to store books or files. While there’s room for a computer, the desk is too narrow for excessive clutter, which may be a good thing.  

5. John Lewis Abacus Corner Desks

A smart and contemporary corner desk, responsibly made

Best for: Furniture collection
Size: H74cmxW137xD80
Storage: 4 shelves
Material: Oak veneer
Reasons to buy
+ Part of a wider collection of furniture + Plenty of shelving space 
Reasons to avoid
- Shelves may not be easy to access  

Sometimes it’s nice to know that a piece of furniture is part of a wider collection, as it means matching items are easy to find if they’re required in the future. This corner desk is compact, but can be expanded with other units in the range if you have the space. On its own, it has 4 shelving units, which are perfect for storing files or books. Because they’re underneath the desk, you may have to roll your chair back to reach them- that is the only flaw - but it saves the desk from taking up more room than it needs to. With matching shelving units and drawers also available, it won’t be long until your whole office is furnished. 

6. Dulles Corner Desk

A glass alternative to our 4th pick

Best for: Narrow footprint
Size: H76cmxW151.5xD143.5
Storage: 3 drawers
Material: Manufactured wood, metal
Reasons to buy
+ Small footprint + Modern, contemporary design 
Reasons to avoid
- Will attract dust 

If you like the idea of a narrower workspace but fancy something more contemporary than MDF, this manufactured wood and metal combination desk could be the ticket. As a corner desk, it takes up minimal floor space, and available in black and white, a variety of interior designs are catered for. There’s 2 small drawers, perfect for storing stationary, and a deep bottom drawer, big enough for storing a wide range of items. Because the desk has a minimalist frame, it’ll create the illusion of more space, rather than solid wood, which is heavy and enclosed.  

7. Home Etc Computer desk

The perfect desk for businesses that are just beginning

Best for: Budget buy
Size: H100cmxW115xD139
Storage: 1 shelf, pull out keyboard
Material: Manufactured wood, metal
Reasons to buy
+ Can be assembled left hand and right hand side + Available in three colours 
Reasons to avoid
- Not particularly stylish 

If your business is at the beginning stages, you may not have much free cash for office furniture. A desk is a necessity, so you may have to compromise on style - for now. This desk is purely functional, and easy to build if you can’t commit much time to DIY. It’s available in brown, white and black, so you’ll be able to coordinate it with any planned or existing office features. There’s a shelf for keeping your stationary away from your working area, and the pull out keyboard shelf is great if you don’t like sitting so close to your computer screen.  

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