8 cute children's duvet covers to keep your kids snoozing

Say goodnight to restless nights for little ones

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Between monsters under the bed, the fear of the dark and just downright refusing to go to sleep, bedtime with kids can be a struggle. But we believe the right bedding set can work wonders in getting them off to the land of nod. 

In fact, with snuggly yet breathable materials, and fun designs featuring their favourite things, you may have trouble getting them out of bed when breakfast time rolls around. Plus, if you sleep on the best duvet covers already and find it helps you snooze, then investing in the same quality for your kids makes complete sense.

This list of children's bedding sets is your answer to getting them (and you) to sleep soundly. Whether they're currently sleeping on the best toddler mattress, or it's a single mattress they have – perhaps you've even moved them to a sizeable double mattress – these designs come in a range of sizes. There are affordable buys you can pick up in your next H&M haul, as well as luxury options from Bedfolk and The White Company. All, of course, are made from kind-to-skin and easy-to-care-for fabrics. Tried and tested by little ones, and washed by their parents, we foresee sweet dreams and silent nights – but don’t hold us to that! 

8 children's duvet covers we love

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Real Homes review process

Aside from these kids bedding sets being completely cute, we had to make sure they were cosy, kind-to-the-skin and washed well. We researched, read reviews and looked at bedding set-sellers in order to choose only the best. Material, size and price played a part, to find affordable, good-quality sheets that'll see your kids a few years through. 

We also called a few in and had them tested by the Real Homes' team little helpers to see if they passed their (and their parents') approval. They slept in the bedding for several nights, washed, dried and popped back on the bed before trying again. Put it this way, we'd never known kids so excited for bedtime! 

Meet our testers below or read more about the Real Homes review process.

Lindsey illustration
Lindsey Davis

Lindsey's two nephews had the task of trying out the Bedfolk bedding set and Panda's 100% bamboo duvet cover. 

Overall they loved Panda's the best, why? "This bedding is supremely soft and feels more cooling than cotton. Our little tester is a hot sleeper and seemed less clammy than usual and while he is not one with words (yet), he was visibly comfortable in this bedding. Knowing it is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic brings peace of mind, too. The zip closure is great for busy parents but the one drawback is that you have to wash it at 30°C. We would happily buy this bedding for the rest of the family and then that full wash load would be a little easier."

As for the Bedfolk set: "Though not as soft as the bamboo option, it was nice and cool to the touch. It has no fastenings but a flap-type opening for the duvet, thus ridding it of buttons or bits that babies could get their hands on. It could go in a normal wash but needed tumble drying on a lower setting. It dries very quickly (great if you don't want bedding constantly drying from little ones having accidents), but does come out quite creased so you do have to factor in ironing time if that bothers you."

Annie Collyer illustration
Annie Collyer

Annie's two nephews also had the chance to test a couple of duvet covers, one from The White Company and the other from Furn.

The White Company's Organic Henry Cord Bed Linen Set was the firm favourite among the two sets. "This organic cotton set from The White Company is a rarity as luxury kid's bedding is hard to come by. It looks smart and fits in with their bedroom. It does have a button fastening which is slightly annoying, but it washes so well, and irons easily. It feels luxurious, and though it is plain white, its blue cord detail makes it anything but boring. It never clashes with their decor, that's for sure." 

Furn's Linen House Kids Space Race Duvet Cover Set was also a winner, from the kids' point of view of course. Who wouldn't want to sleep under a duvet this fun? "The Furn set is obviously slightly more fun, and the kids enjoyed having it on their bunk bed a lot. I love that it's reversible as it takes the stress out of making their bunk beds perfectly. It wouldn't be my first choice in terms of design as I prefer neutrals, but it is soft and it washes well. The colour doesn't fade, like it sometimes does with kids' bedding, though just note it can't be tumble dried."

Where to buy childrens bedding?

If you're yet to find a kids bedding set you think they will love (or one that you approve of), then check out these retailers below – we've listed the very best places to buy children's bedding online. Click to go straight to their website and shop their range:

3 things to consider when choosing your children's bedding

1. Material
The first thing, of course, is making sure they get the most restful night’s sleep possible with a quick glance at the construction label. Most of the sets on our list are 100 per cent cotton which is number one for its cool and breathable nature, meaning they won’t overheat at night.

Founder & Creative Director of Bedfolk (opens in new tab), Jo James confirms "When it comes to choosing bedding for your little ones, you want to look for 100% natural materials like cotton for maximum softness and breathability. Children have delicate skin, so using high-quality, natural materials means the bedding is gentle on their skin, whilst also being durable enough to pass on to friends/siblings once they move to a big bed".    

2. Style
So then it’s just down to the design. James says: "Bedfolk offer the same colour palette as our adult collection, to create a soothing and mellow nursery or bedroom for children (something that I found really hard to find when shopping for my daughter)." 

We’ve also rounded up offbeat designs worthy of any kid's room, from digital prints to quirky patterns, cute traditional designs with high-end details, and everything in between. If you are planning on completely redecorating their bedroom, you might want to see some kid's room design ideas

3. Size
Kids bedding is offered in sizes ranging from cot to toddler, single and then double, so it's important to choose the set to work with their bed. Toddler size bedding is recommended for those using a bed bigger than a cot, but smaller than a single. Otherwise, make sure you have the correct corresponding size duvet to go inside. 

How to care for children's bedding

We understand kids bedding may need more regular washing than your own, so knowing how to care for it best is key to longevity. James from Bedfolk recommends: "wash regularly with a non-toxic, plant-based detergent which is dermatologically tested and approved for sensitive skin. We’ve been working away behind the scenes to offer an Eco Laundry Detergent that fits the bill (for our adult and baby/toddler collections), which we’re really excited to be launching later this year."

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