The best Sky Q deals and offers: save money on your next Sky box

Get the best price for your new Sky Q box

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So you're ready to treat yourself to a brand new Sky Q deal? Good timing dear reader as it's never been cheaper to get a Sky Q box into your home, with prices starting as low as £20 a month.

New Sky TV customers can get a 1TB Sky Q box (more on the 2TB box later) even on the cheapest package going. So yes, for just £20 a month you can get a Sky Q offer with the Entertainment bundle, giving you great access to channels like Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Fox Sky Living and more.

What do I get with the 1TB Sky Q box?

The 1TB hard drive can store up to 500 hours of standard definition recorded TV. You can also record three shows at once while watching a fourth one live. There's also the option of upgrading your channels to HD from as little as £5 extra a month.

There's a £20 one-off set-up fee, then monthly prices start from £20 and you can add extras like Sky Box Sets and Sky Kids for £5 extra a month each. Sky Cinema is £10 extra and multiple sports packages are available from £20 a month. All these options are offered once you head on over to Sky.

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What about the larger 2TB Sky Q Box?

The 2TB Sky Q box is an alternative option when signing up for a Sky TV deal.  So what's the difference aside from double the storage space meaning you can now store up to 1000 hours of TV? Well you can now record six shows at once while watching a seventh live too. You're also getting the fancier bluetooth Sky Q Touch remote control with a touchpad control feature. 

There's a rather pricey catch to this upgrade though as the setup fee rises from a mere £20 to a pretty unreasonable £199. Don't worry though, there is a way to get it for less and you'll get a visual upgrade too.

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Is this the Ultra HD Sky Q box then?

That's right, it's technically the same 2TB box, but you can unlock the Ultra HD visuals (and knock down the upfront cost to £65) by opting for Sky Q Multiscreen. This is an incredibly popular feature, not just for family homes, but even solo/couple residents wanting to enjoy Sky TV in the living room and upstairs too.

Sky Q Multiscreen costs £12 a month and you'll need to pay a one off £20 fee for the Sky Q Mini box to use on your secondary TV too. Sky Q Multiscreen customers can also watch Sky TV on up to two tablets at the same time too. Perfect for kicking the kids off the big TV when you want to watch something instead!

Don't forget, you'll need a 4K TV to enjoy Ultra HD visuals. If you're yet to pick one up, take a look at our picks of the best 4K TVs.

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For a full rundown of the latest Sky TV offers, be sure to check out our extensive Sky TV deals and packages guide, which includes Sky Q and Multiscreen too along with bolt-ons like Sky Box Sets, Sky Cinema, Sky Sports  and so on.