The best standing desks for your home office

Tired of sitting down all day? We’ve gathered a selection of the best standing desks to help you kit out your home office

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Improve your posture, burn more calories and feel more energised – no we aren't trying to sell you a crazy exercise class, these are all benefits of switching to a standing desk.

It's extremely easy to get carried away when designing a room, especially when it comes to creating an incredibly stylish work space. However, it's worth remembering how often you will be sitting at your desk so make decisions based on comfort as well as looks. Luckily for you, we've rounded up our favourite standing desks that look great and will alleviate those aches and pains. 

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With Black Friday and Christmas always approaching, you couldn't have picked a better time to be updating your space.

1.Humanscale Float Height Adjustable Desk

A fully adjustable workstation for home offices and studios

Best for: Ergonomic style
Colour: White
Material: Steel, Aluminium
Size: H70-120cm x W160cm x D80cm
Reasons to buy
+Easily adjustable+Very sturdy
Reasons to avoid
-The most expensive on our list -Basic

Humanscale have endorsed this standing desk with the latest design ideas to bring you a product that is completely ergonomic and easy to use. Functionality is the focal point here, with reviewers commending its sturdiness and usability. In addition to alleviating those aches and pains, this desk is made from sustainable materials, so you’re saving your joints and the environment – even more reason to give this desk our number one spot. 

Sienna Desk

(Image: © Wayfair)

2. Sienna Desk

A compact work desk which is both stylish and storage savvy

Best for: Stylish
Colour: White and oak
Material: Metal
Size: H124.5cm x W74.93cm x 55.88cm
Reasons to buy
+Cable management+Storage shelf and draw
Reasons to avoid
-Fairly compact in width 

A desk we certainly wouldn't complain about having in our home office, this Scandi-esque tall work station ticks all the boxes. Those who hate having loose cables around them whilst working will be happy to hear that there's handy cable management in this desk, and for those who need a drawer to store important things, the one included can easily fit a laptop, keyboard and much more. There's another shelf which would be handy for those who use a printer, or just to store more paperwork, and there's a slot on top of the desk for your smartphone or tablet to comfortably sit on. The best part? It's compact, so can be moved around easily, and because it's oh so stylish, it'll look good pretty much anywhere in your home. 

Teknik Office Industrial Bench Desk

(Image: © Ryman)

3. Teknik Office Industrial Bench Desk

A minimalist standing desk which can stand anywhere in the room

Best for: Minimalist design
Colour: Black, oak
Material: Metal
Size: H71.2cm x W105.4cm
Reasons to buy
+Includes shelves for easy storage+Stylish design
Reasons to avoid
-Large in size 

If you’ve got the space for this minimalist desk, it’s certainly one to think about popping on your shopping list. It has two shelves so you can easily store paper work, printers or anything else away, and its 360 degree all round finish allows it to be placed anywhere in your home office, whether it be in the middle of the room or tucked in the corner. Why settle for a boring looking desk when you can get one like this, for a good price?

MUV Height Adjustable Standing Desk

(Image: © Wayfair)

4. Safco MUV Height Adjustable Standing Desk

A smart standing desk which can be used both standing and sitting

Best for: Value and style
Colour: Cherry or medium oak
Material: Steel
Size: H124.5-88.9cm x W74.93cm x D55.88cm
Reasons to buy
+Lots of storage+Adjustable+Wheels for moving around easy
Reasons to avoid
-Keyboard shelf is fixed 

Ideal for those who require a desk with lots and lots of storage, this product is incredibly useful if you like to differentiate between standing up and sitting down throughout the day. The design is fairly sleek, with detail such as the keyboard shelf for additional comfort. This particular standing workstation is available in two colours so you can match it to your home office colour scheme, and it has wheels so you can easily move it around. 

5. The Eiger Pro Standing Desk

This quirky-looking wooden standing desk is easy to adjust to your ideal position

Best for: Multi-level working
Colour: Wood-effect
Material: Birch plywood
Size: H69cm x W59 x D56cm
Reasons to buy
+Simple cantilever design+2 adjustable platforms
Reasons to avoid
-Very compact-Pricey for what it is

This workstation uses the natural forces of physics to conquer the standing desk conundrum. The slats are big enough to accommodate a full sized keyboard and monitor, but not big enough for your other work essentials too, which could actually be an advantage if you’ve reserved the smallest space for your home office. It takes seconds to assemble, and can be easily popped onto your existing desk when the need to stand arises. 

6.Yo-Yo Desk® 90

When you’re up and down like a Yo-Yo

Best for: Easy construction
Colour: Black, white
Material: MDF
Size: H15cm-50cm x W90 x D59cm
Reasons to buy
+Gas springs for smooth adjustment+2 tiers for ample space
Reasons to avoid
- A bit clunky looking 

It may commandeer the shape of a small, one-sided picnic table, but the design of this desk has been optimised to ensure you remain ache-free and comfortable. With two levels to place your monitor and keyboard, there’s plenty of space for you to work freely, whether you’re sitting down or standing up. Also, the set up is easy as pie, so it’s a great choice if your DIY skills aren’t up the to mark.

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