If you're not using one of these patio cleaners to transform your outdoor space, then you're doing it the hard way

Banish that green stuff from your patio for good

Best patio cleaners: three bottles of solution from Patio Magic!, Wet & Forget and Pro Kleen
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I love concrete cleaners because they mean you don't need to invest in a pressure washer — or worry about where you're going to (try and) store it. There are some seamless solutions that work with a pressure washer, but many can do the job without. You won't even need a hose. Yep, I took one for the team as some of these cleaners have been tried and tested by me ~you're welcome~. For anyone who has been putting off this job, you'll be pleasantly surprised to see just easy it is to perk up your patio with these concrete cleaners and how dramatic the results can be.

I have a patio at my apartment where my cute pug spends his days sniffing around. (and peeing on walls). During summer, it's where I spend my weekends, whether flipping burgers on my portable grill with good friends (and even better wine) or catching some vitamin D while working outside. So a concrete cleaner is necessary for keeping this outdoor space fresh. Some cost as little as £8 — which isn't too bad since they'll rejuvenate your space in minutes.

Once you've settled on a solution that suits your needs, prep yourself with tips and tricks on how else you can clean your patio and make it ready for the warmer months.

The best patio cleaners

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Note: Some of these patio cleaners work instantly, and you'll see results once dry. However others take a few weeks — or sometimes even a month — to do their magic, so it's worth buying now in preparation for warmer weather. 

5 things to consider when choosing a patio cleaner

1. Think about safety — and when you're going to apply it
If you have kids and or pets, it goes without saying that you will need a non-toxic patio cleaner. Check the product information to see what the guidance is on using the product you've chosen near animals and people. Most are safe for use after several hours, but it can be easier said than done to keep pets away — especially if you have outdoor cats — so do check. Also, see how long it takes to work or dry.

2. How versatile is its solution?
Some patio cleaners are not just for stone but can also be used to clean your patio furniture, be it wood, plastic, or metal. For wood, you will want something that kills algae which is very prone to settling on damp wood. Metals will need to be treated with a non-corrosive liquid. It's handy to buy an all-in-one solution as if it needs diluting — or if you have a smaller outdoor space — you might not be able to use it all and storage of a bottle of this size might be a big no.

3. How does it need to be applied?
There are lots of ways to clean a patio and the one you choose will depend on how big your outdoor space is — and how hands-on you are prepared to be. Patio cleaners have different levels of involvement, some you can pour over and leave to act (these are the easiest kind for sure). Others need to be used with a pressure washer or sometimes a scrub with a broom for the best results.

4. How much comes in a bottle?
You'll want to work out the amount of solution that comes in the bottle and compare it with the price to see if you're getting good value. In some cases, where you needn't dilute the solution, you might need to buy more than one bottle. Solutions you need to dilute will obviously be able to cover more space than those you pour on straight.

Why do I need a patio cleaner?

A patio cleaner can add a little oomph to your usual outdoor cleaning routine. While sweeping can remove sand and dirt, a liquid patio cleaner often contains herbicides or fungicides that will clear moss, lichen, and algae — aka all the stuff that makes your patio turn green.

A patio cleaner solution can also be used for decking which, like patios, can become a bit of a danger if left slimy in wet weather.

"Not only is a build-up of algae or moss on your decking unsightly, but it can also make it slippery and dangerous," warns Sophie Herrmann, brand manager at Jeyes Fluid. "Debris such as leaves, dirt, pollen, and rainy weather can further add to the issue due to the moisture they can hold. Reduce the chances of your deck getting slippery by sweeping the floor regularly. Don’t forget to get into the cracks and crevices."

Do I need a pressure washer to use a concrete cleaner?

The majority of patio cleaners can simply be applied and left to do their work, and the next rainfall will take care of the rest. The only situation where you might need a pressure washer is if the solution is strong and you don't like the smell lingering (or the idea of your pets walking over it). Otherwise, if there's a lot of algae build up it might be quicker to initially remove this with a pressure washer before using a solution. You can always do two applications of the cleaner for better results. Other than that, an application with a brush or stiff broom is enough for most situations.

Real Homes review process — how we test concrete cleaners

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3 types of patio cleaners (sold in the UK) in review

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All of the patio cleaners listed in this guide have been tested by one of our Real Homes team members. We had two team members test these patio cleaners for us, one of whom has a pet and the other doesn't. Both applied the solutions as per the bottle instructions and recorded their results. Only the patio cleaners we found to make a difference have been featured in this guide.

Annie's patio cleaning

Testing the Jeyes patio cleaner — left side untreated, right side cleaned

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As we've mentioned, while some concrete cleaners work instantly, and you can see results once dry, others can take months to work but they provide long-lasting results. As always, we update our buying guides with new products as soon as they've been reviewed — and once we've managed to come to a verdict.

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