The best mattress bags you need for when you (finally!) move out — or back in

Protect your investment

Mattress bags: Linenspa mattress with plastic bag on ready for move
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You might be moving out of your mom's house — finally! — or maybe you're moving back in (times are tough). Either way, you've got a lot of packing to do. There are *too many* clothes, kitchen items, and everyday essentials to think about, and that's before you get to all of the heavy furniture items, including your mattress. 

Yep. It may be the last thing to go, but don't forget about your bed. And if you bought yourself a brand-new mattress in a box, you'll understand how important it is to protect it. It was the most adult purchase you've made! So before you strap your mattress to the roof of your car or chuck it carelessly in the moving van, make sure you get yourself a bag. 

Designed to keep your mattress free from damage during its journey, this cheap AF accessory could seriously save you from having to spend your savings on a new bed you don't really need. Acting as a barrier between dirt, dust mites, and critters, it'll protect your comfortable mattress from everything your garage, storage unit, or transit throws at it.

6 of the best mattress bags for full protection 

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Even if you have to store your mattress away or dispose of it (in a safe and eco-friendly way, obvi) a mattress bag will come in handy, too. I've done the research for you, and found the top-rated mattress bags online. These are the six with great reviews. Thank me later.

What to consider when choosing a mattress bag

  • Thickness and durability: Naturally, thicker materials tend to be more durable. For some bags, you’ll be able to see how many millimeters (that’s one-thousandth of an inch) it is. A bag that’s 3 mm to 6 mm should be sufficient for most moves, as it can stand up well to handling and possibly being dragged across surfaces. If it’s 2 mm, that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t use it, but just be aware it’s less likely to withstand rough handling. These may be better suited for storage in a home or garage.
  • Size: It sounds simple, but you’ll want to make sure your mattress bag is the right size for your mattress. Many bags come in different sizes, so there’s sure to be one that fits, but you don’t want to find yourself trying to fit a mattress into a bag that’s too small on moving day. Top tip: Go a size up if you're unsure. 
  • Handles: While they’re certainly not a necessity, handles are very useful to have. They'll make the moving process much less frustrating, as the mattress will be easier to maneuver. 


Should I put my mattress in a bag?

Short answer: Yes! Not wrapping your mattress in protective packaging could be one of the biggest moving mistakes you could make. Mattresses are expensive, and not worth the risk of damage. Mattress bags can keep your bed protected from spills and stains when en route to your new place, and free from pests, bed bugs, and mold if you're planning on keeping it in storage for some time. It could be the difference between your mattress lasting for years to come or having to spend the rest of your savings on a new one. 

How we chose these mattress bags

No, we haven't had hands-on experience with these mattress bags, but with plenty of reviews, you have! To make sure this list is a ~short~ roundup of only the best bags you can get to protect your bed, we've read the ratings, compared and contrasted the comments, and done our thorough research. The six here scored top marks for durability and cost and live up to expectations, according to customers. We've filtered out the best from the rest, so you don't have to. Pick up one of these mattress bags and believe me: your biggest purchase yet will be protected. 

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