Best eco-friendly cleaning products: 10 cleaning solutions that are kind on the planet

These eco-friendly cleaning products help you to take down dirt, grease and grime without destroying the environment

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Best eco-friendly cleaning products
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In search of the best eco-friendly cleaning products? Glad to hear it. Nowadays, it's easier than ever to be environmentally conscious when shopping. However, due to the sheer glut of options available, picking out the quality buys can prove a little tricky. A quick search online for the best eco-friendly cleaning products and you'll be bombarded with reams of liquids, powders and potions. So, rather than scrolling endlessly into the abyss, take a tip or two from us. We've picked out some of the best eco-friendly products, culminating in a neat roster. 

Covering every criterion you might have, from floor cleaners and limescale removers to dishwasher tablets and washing up liquid, our selection specifies which product is best for which function. And, to make the browsing process an absolute breeze, we've outlined some of the key features that make each product special. Biodegradable, carbon-neutral, vegan... Whatever it is you need, it's there.

If you'd prefer to scrap cleaning products – and even eco-friendly cleaning products – all in all, then see our best steam cleaners guide and use one of these handy tools to clean using just hot water.

Eco-friendly cleaning products

Method Lemon & Ginger all purpose floor cleaner

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1. Method Lemon & Ginger all purpose floor cleaner

Best eco-friendly floor cleaner

Best for: Giving hard floors such as stone, tile and laminate a really deep clean
Size: 739ml
Reasons to buy
+Cleans and deodorises floors+Natural ingredients+Biodegradable+Easy to use
Reasons to avoid
-Some prefer mixing their cleaner with water in a bucket to make it go further-Can be pricey

This lovely smelling Method floor cleaner simply squirts straight onto the floor – no diluting or bucket needed.

Best for…
Giving hard floors including stone, tile and laminate a good clean without the use of chemicals or toxins.

Fresh fragrance
The lemon and ginger aroma smells wonderful and it doesn’t use artificial perfumes to achieve it.

Easy to use
There’s no need to dilute it in water or get the bucket out, as with this floor cleaner you simply squirt it directly onto the floor and mop.

Good to know
Never tested on animals.

ecogurus floor cleaning paste

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2. The EcoGurus natural cleaning paste

Best eco-friendly stain remover

Best for: Keeping in the cupboard for when you need to get rid of marks and stains on pretty much everything inside and outside the home
Size: 250g
Reasons to buy
+Works on pretty much everything+Natural ingredients+Safe for use around children and pets
Reasons to avoid
-Quite expensive-Some users say it didn’t clean the way they wanted it to-You need to use a lot of elbow grease in some cases

This The EcoGurus Natural Cleaning Paste is great for removing stains from hard surfaces. 

Best for…
Cleaning anything from limescale and soap scum in the bathroom to kitchen taps, pots, pans, windows, paintwork, rust, greasy hands and even garden furniture. 

Natural ingredients
This eco-friendly cleaning paste is made from natural ingredients so it’s completely safe to use around children and pets and is biodegradable and preservative-free with no added phosphates.

Save money
A little goes a long way so you’ll find that this paste lasts and lasts, making it great value for money.

Good to know
Uses micro-active technology to tackle stains on any hard surface around the home, leaving it sparkling clean.

Ecover pine fresh toilet cleaner

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3. Ecover pine fresh toilet cleaner

Best eco-friendly toilet cleaner

Best for: Giving the loo a good clean while keeping it fresh and chemical-free
Size: 5L
Reasons to buy
+Multi-action decalcifying agent+Great value+Lasts a long time
Reasons to avoid
-Some users complain of a strong smell

Choose this environmentally-friendly Ecover Pine Fresh Toilet Cleaner to keep your toilet hygienically clean without using chemicals

Best for…
Those who have a septic tank, as this toilet cleaner is safe to use as there are no petrochemical ingredients, no residue or unnecessary chemicals and its fresh fragrance is derived from plant based ingredients.

Triple action
With Ecover toilet cleaner you get three in one: as it cleans, decalcifies and freshens all at the same time. 

Perfect packaging
The bottle and label are made of polyethylene and the cap is made of polypropylene, both of which are 100% recyclable.

Good to know
This one is fully biodegradable and is not tested on animals either.

ECOS all purpose cleaner

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4. ECOS all purpose cleaner

Best eco-friendly kitchen and bathroom cleaner

Best for: Sensitive skin, as it’s pH balanced
Size: 500ml
Reasons to buy
+Carbon neutral+Plant formula is Safer Choice certified+Vegan and cruelty-free
Reasons to avoid
-Some don’t like the smell

Ideal for use on kitchen and bathroom surfaces, the carbon-neutral Earth Friendly Products Parsley Plus Multi-Surface Cleaner is made using renewable energy.

Best for…
All hard surfaces around the home, such as kitchen worktops, hobs, tiles and sinks, as well as bathroom areas – check label before use if you’re unsure.

Stone surfaces
It can also be used to clean stone countertops and is safe for use on sealed stone such as granite and marble. 

Fresh smell
The lovely parsley fragrance really lifts the kitchen and gives it a wonderful aroma.

Good to know
This plant-based surface cleaner is vegan and cruelty-free.

The EcoGurus all natural limescale remover

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5. The EcoGurus all natural limescale remover

Best eco-friendly limescale remover

Best for: Naturally dealing with the dreaded limescale, a great buy if you live in a hard water area
Size: 750ml
Reasons to buy
+Made of apple vinegar acid+Cleans windows+Descales
Reasons to avoid
-Some users say it does smell strongly of vinegar-Streaks tiles unless you rinse well

The EcoGurus All Natural Limescale Remover cleans pretty much any limescale deposits that you’d given up on, including rust and soap scum in the bathroom as well as calcium deposits on shower screens.

Best for…
Removing limescale the natural way and perfect for bathrooms, as it works on baths, sinks, tiles, taps and shower trays

Family friendly
This product is perfectly safe to use around children and pets as it’s preservative-free with no added phosphates and it’s biodegradable. 

Cleans glass
Buyers say it cleans glass so well that shower screens come up like new with no water residues, no smearing and it’s easy to apply, simple to rinse and dry off. 

Good to know
Works great at removing mould and mildew around baths, shower seals and tiles, too.

dirtbusters multi clean eco orange general purpose

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6. Dirtbusters Bio Multi Clean Eco Orange general purpose multi surface cleaner

Best eco-friendly cleaning product for grease and dirt

Best for: Getting glass, kitchens and bathrooms super shiny
Size: 5L
Reasons to buy
+Great value for money+Contains microbes that tackle dirt with ease+Lovely orange fragrance
Reasons to avoid
-Could be tricky to store-Some users don’t like the smell

This Dirtbusters Multi Surface Cleaner can be used on all types of surfaces around the home, including walls and floors.

Best for…
When you want an eco-friendly cleaner that goes a long way, as this concentrated solution comes in a huge 5L container.

Multi purpose
The great thing about this eco cleaner is that it can be used on floors, walls, windows and in kitchens and bathrooms, breaking down dirt and grease – just add warm water. 

Natural ingredients
This product has a neutral pH, no harmful chemicals or odours and is biodegradable. 

Good to know
You can even use it on oil painting brushes!

Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Soap Tablets

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7. Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Soap Tablets

Best eco-friendly cleaning product for dishwashers

Best for: Tackling dried-on food and greasy smears
Size: 68 tablets
Reasons to buy
+Delightful fragrance+Biodegradable ingredients+Recyclable box
Reasons to avoid
-Must be kept well away from children

Squeaky-clean plates and cutlery, this way. Never tested on animals, the Ecover All-In-One Dishwasher Tablets have salt and rinse aid built in, and they are made from vegan-friendly, plant-based ingredients. 

Best for…
Cleaning your crockery efficiently and competently. Yep, with plenty of tablets to use up, these should see you through a fair few washes.

Minimal effort
Who said being environmentally kind required any more effort? These tablets function like any others: you simply pop one in the machine and let it run. Users are keen to praise the sparkling dishware and glass they yield.

Easy snapping
These tablets can easily be snapped in half, meaning you can get double the use from them. Economical and ecological!

Good to know
It is recommended that you run the machine on eco-mode.

Waitrose ECO White Ginger & Bergamot Washing Up Liquid

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8. Waitrose ECO White Ginger & Bergamot Washing Up Liquid

Best eco-friendly cleaning product for hand-washing cutlery

Best for: Cutting through grease and making glassware sparkle
Size: 500ml
Reasons to buy
+Recyclable bottle+Beautiful smell+Vegan-friendly
Reasons to avoid
-Contains artificial fragrances

If you prefer to wash plates, pots and pans by hand, then this Waitrose ECO White Ginger & Bergamot Washing Up Liquid is your go-to.

Best for…
Making light work of the dishes. Put simply, this is tough on grease and gentle on the skin. Plus, it won't break the bank.

Earth first
Created with Mother Nature in mind, this option is made from recyclable materials, from the label to the lid. And you'll be glad to hear that any lubricating oils that may have come into contact with the product or its packaging are free from genetically modified material.

Spicy scent
According to buyers, this has a fresh and pleasant smell, which is always an added bonus. Sure, no one loves doing the washing up, but with a smell as good as this, it's a job made easier.

Good to know
It is suitable for use with septic tanks.

Astonish Mould & Mildew Remover

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9. Astonish Mould & Mildew Remover

Best eco-friendly cleaning product for killing mould and mildew

Best for: Removing and preventing mould and mildew
Size: 750ml
Reasons to buy
+Cruelty-free+Vegan-friendly+Cleans dirt and grime, too
Reasons to avoid
-Can cause skin irritation

For those looking to decontaminate their home without putting their family and pets at risk, this Astonish Mould & Mildew Remover is a no-brainer.

Best for…
Preventing every homeowner's worst nightmare: a mould and mildew infestation. By using this regularly, you not only destroy any existing mould but prevent its return.

Suitable as an all-round cleaning product, this is great for tackling grime, and it can also be used to whiten grout. Ideal for refreshing your household, it can be applied to most non-porous, hard surfaces, walls, uPVC, window frames, glass, plastic shower curtains, bathroom tiles, silicone sealant, sinks and plugholes.

Bacteria bully
Rather handily, this kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria, all the while blasting through stubborn stains. Oh, and while it's harsh on germs, it's the opposite to animals. Suitable for vegans and never tested on animals, this is a kinder product than other alternatives out there.

Good to know
It can cause irritation to the eyes and skin if not used carefully.

Method Antibacterial All-Purpose Cleaner

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10. Method Antibacterial All-Purpose Cleaner

Best eco-friendly cleaning product for general use around the home

Best for: Cleansing your home of bacteria without leaving a chemically smell
Size: 828ml
Reasons to buy
+Plant-based+Cruelty-free+Recycled bottle
Reasons to avoid
-Cap, trigger and pump not currently recyclable 

Need something to spritz the tiles, tables and tops with? This Method Antibacterial All-Purpose Cleaner could not be more ideal.

Best for…
Spraying doorknobs, bins and awkward surfaces where bacteria can linger. Plus, it's a piece of cake to use: simply point and shoot at the surface, leave for five minutes, and then wipe down with a damp cloth.

Anti-bac, but different
Made with a plant-based lactic acid formula, this smells like newly plucked rhubarb, and best of all, it kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria. Once the bacteria are dealt with, all you're left with is a sparkling sense of satisfaction.

That smell though
If you're going to be spraying a solution all across your home or flat, it makes sense for it to smell good. Fortunately, you're in luck. Fresh and tart, the rhubarb scent is reason enough to buy this.

Good to know
This, like many disinfectants, should be kept out of reach from children.

How to buy the best eco-friendly cleaning products

Limit how much packaging you buy
Decide whether you want separate, individual items for different uses or if you’d prefer something multi-purpose. Doing so will cut down on the amount of bottles you need to buy. 

Check that the bottle is recycled and/or recyclable – and the bottle top and label are too. Ideally choose something that either comes in a large container that will last and last for ages or something where you can buy refills, which is better for the environment. 

Check the list of ingredients
This way you can make sure they are chemical, bleach, chlorine and phosphate-free and look for natural and plant-based extracts, especially if something has a fragrance. Essential oils are fine but artificial perfumes or additives aren’t.

Look for natural remedies
Of course, if you want to create your own eco-friendly cleaning products, you can always stock up on things like e-cloths, baking soda, vegetable soap, lemon juice and vinegar, as these can be used in so many ways to clean just about anything!

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