These chic duvet covers will upgrade your bed in an instant

A lazy-girl guide to upgrading your bedroom

Best duvet covers from Bedfolk in ink blue with pink cushions
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This is your lazy-girl guide to upgrading your bedroom to be totally Instagram-worthy. Remember how nice that hotel you stayed at was? Or how lovely it was staying over with your friend who only invests in luxury linens? Our point: Great bedding can totally transform a bedroom. You can ask any design expert and they'll tell you duvet covers are a worthwhile addition to your bedroom. 

We do understand that recreating that boutique look and feel at home can seem like an expensive ordeal. Egyptian cotton sheets cost a lot, don’t they? Thankfully, you don’t have to overspend for the best duvet sets. In fact, there are good value covers in a range of materials and prices for all budgets. It’s all about finding the right set for you. 

We've tried them all, so you don't have to. Slept under by our team who has various home decor styles, we've found the prettiest duvet covers — from percale to linen —  to upgrade your bed in an instant. 

While you’re in the market for fresh bedding, consider whether your current duvet is right for you with our best duvets buying guide. A cohesive, customised bedding set is key to a good night's sleep.

 The best duvet covers and sets to buy in 2022

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 How we tested these duvet covers 

Louise's bed with bedding on that transformed her rental mattress

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Slept under by more than one member of our team, these duvet covers have been tested by different sleepers with different needs — from those who overheat to those who find themselves in need of additional heat. Used for several nights, and where possible, during a variety of weather conditions, we’ve got a good idea of which duvet works best in each season. We’ve put them in the washing machine more than once, and dried, tumble dried, and stored away to mimic everyday use. This is an updated guide, and some bedding sets have remained in their place as top-rated picks, but you might want to check back to see how long they last. 

Here are some comments from the team, about the duvet covers they reviewed as best: 

Louise Oliphant author illustration
Louise Oliphant

Louise is our go-to fo sleep content. She tested our best overall duvet set, as well as plenty of others: "My Beddable bedding set (opens in new tab) is by far my favourite. Whilst the colours on offer are stylish and timeless, it’s the material that wins me over. It’s buttery soft but breathable. I look forward to sliding into bed every time I have this set on. I also love my Dusk Portofino set in black (opens in new tab). Yes, black bedding is having a moment, and I'm here for it. Sleek and sultry, I just love the way it looks on my bed."

Lindsey illustration
Lindsey Davis

Lindsey's best choice in duvet covers is one to consider. She tested Bedfolk's linen bedding set (opens in new tab) and found it to be the one she sleeps in best. "I treated myself to this set because I had the linen throw and wanted the cooling advantages of breezy linen for my duvet set, too. The look is just the icing in the cake — definitely a good investment as it looks high-end and relaxed at the same time. It will go with everything."

Annie Collyer illustration
Annie Collyer

Having two bedrooms in her rented flat, Annie has tried more than one of the bedding sets on this list. Dusk's Portofino cover (opens in new tab) in white is the one she likes most, for more than one reason. "First thing's first: it has the ability to turn my bedroom from looking average to luxurious. It's hotel-worthy and not just in looks. Its thick waffle side is great for the winter and for keeping you that extra bit warm, and it washes like a dream. It's the perfect size, and the best thing about it is that it doesn't need to be ironed to look nice! Total win-win, and the price tag is super reasonable."

Amy Lockwood illustration
Amy Lockwood

Amy used to be our decor editor and has tested quite a few duvets on this list. With an eye for detail, there's no surprise Amy found Soak&Sleep's French Linen set (opens in new tab) a stand out from the rest. "I'm generally a hot sleeper and the lightweight weave is perfect for summer, making the bedding super breathable and temperature regulating. It also gets softer with every wash. I love the fact that linen looks better slightly rumpled, so it doesn't need ironing, and the white option makes for a fresh, relaxed look that will go with any bedroom decor style."

Amelia Smith illustration
Amelia Smith

Amelia is the co-editor of our Real Homes magazine and a lover of all things chic. That's why Appletree Boutique's polka dot bedding (opens in new tab) was a win. "I wanted plain white bedding so my pink herringbone throw and colourful cushions would stand out, but as a lover of patterns, I just couldn't bring myself to buy plain. These discreet textured spots are so cute and fun, but they don't take over the scheme."

Alison Jones illustration
Alison Jones

Alison, our other co-editor at Real Homes magazine, tested the White Company's affordable Egyptian Cotton duvet set (opens in new tab). Here's why she loves it: "In a messy world, this bedding set gives me a little bit of The White Company calm and pristine lifestyle. The White Company shops are my happy place."

 How to choose the best duvet cover 

Choosing the best duvet cover and bedding sets for you is essential to getting a great night's sleep, and for your bedroom to look beautiful. Before buying your next fresh set, it's important to consider a few things: 


It’s worth noting that the best material for bedding is often considered a matter of personal opinion. We spoke with experts at Soak&Sleep (opens in new tab) who suggested that your usual temperature at night is a good starting point for figuring out what kind of fabric will suit you and determining what kind of maintenance you want to deal with. 

To help find what fabric is best for you, here’s a breakdown of the best material options to choose from:

  • Linen: a good choice for hot sleepers, linen has a loose weave that releases heat and moisture as you sleep. The slubby texture means it doesn't feel cold to the touch either, making it a great material to last you all year round. Plus, the nature of linen means it often doesn't need ironing. 
  • Cotton percale: Woven with one thread over, one thread under, percale has a cool, crisp quality that is perfect for summer months. Percale is often used on hotel beds and is usually the closest to that of a luxury boutique feel.  
  • Washed or brushed cotton: Considered the softest bedding material, washed or brushed cotton is perfect for keeping you cosy during cold nights. Washed cotton goes through a pre-washed process that helps it avoid that "fresh out of the packet" stiffness. Brushed cotton, on the other hand, is when the bedding is treated with a coating that gives it a soft, brushed feel.
  • Egyptian cotton: Luxurious by name and luxurious by feel, Egyptian cotton bedding is known for adding opulence to any bed. Fabrics made from Egyptian cotton tend to be softer, finer, and longer lasting than other cotton variants, due to a tighter, stronger weave. So there’s no surprise it usually sits at a higher price point.
  • Bamboo or hemp: Heralded as eco-friendly alternatives to cotton, the manufacturing process of bamboo and hemp fabrics makes them great sustainable options. Less structured than cotton or linen, they will fall around contours and cling to the corners of your bed.

How to care for your bedding  

Changing, washing, drying, putting it on, and storing it away, there’s a certain way to do things if you want your bedding to last. We can’t save poor quality duvets from coming out creased or bobbled in the wash, but if you invest in the best there are a few ways to keep your duvet looking its best:

  • Wash weekly: Ideally more frequently for pillow cases, but we know most people don't have time to do that.
  • Follow the label: Do not digress from the washing instructions. Most bedding can be washed at 40°C and you can wash lower if you use a good laundry disinfectant. A hot was of 60°C or above is best for killing bacteria though.
  • Allow to dry fully: Never put damp bedding away. Air well or tumble dry until fully dry. Iron to finish if you have time.

Frequently asked questions about bedding

What is Oeko-Tex certification?

Oeko-Tex certification guarantees products do not use any harmful toxins and chemicals during the manufacturing process. It is recommended to choose bedding from manufacturers that hold standard Oeko-Tex certification, especially for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin or allergies.  

What brand is best for bedding?

If you want a round-up of all the best places to shop for sleep products then our guide to the best bedding brands will point you in the right direction.

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