9 of the best coffee maker alarm clocks that you won't want to press snooze on

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If the sound of your alarm ringtone makes you shudder outside of wake-up time, then you need a coffee maker alarm clock to help you get out of bed instead. Because naturally, the first thing most of us want first thing is a cup of joe, so what could be better than a programmable coffee machine? For the best of both worlds on a Monday, Wednesday, or even Sunday morning, this way your brew will be ready when you wake up, while you're wiping the sleep out of your eyes (gross).

However, just because a coffee maker is programmable doesn’t mean that it’s automatically a good choice. A good-quality coffee maker should also be well-designed, make delicious coffee, and have features that make it easy to use — especially when you're waking from the land of nod. Fortunately, we found the best coffee makers with a built-in alarm clock just below. And our picks are super stylish and more than worth your money.

Not interested in stumbling into the kitchen to add a splash of milk? Some of these smart coffee machines come with an in-built fridge to keep your dairy or plant-based milk fresh. And speaking of smart, many of these innovative devices are Wi-Fi enabled, so they can sync up with Alexa and Google to get to work on demand and brew to your preferred strength. We've also rounded up a few small space coffee machines for anyone with minimal space to spare.

The 9 best coffee maker alarm clocks

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4 things to consider when buying a coffee maker alarm clock

Obviously, you’ll want a coffee maker that is programmable to start your coffee at a specific time. However, these are some of the other features you may want to consider.

1. Think about size and brew size
Size is important for two different reasons. First, the size of the actual coffee maker is a consideration, so make sure it will fit in your space. This includes whether it's able to fit when placed under an overhead cabinet. Be sure to account for having enough space to open the water tank and coffee filter compartments, too.

The brew size is another consideration. Some people like to brew single cups, while others find it more convenient to make a large pot of coffee.  

2. Does it offer adjustable strengths and temperatures?
Some coffee makers let you choose regular or bold strengths and adjust the temperature. This is something to think about if you prefer customized settings.

3. Look at its carafe
A glass carafe is less expensive and will typically be included if the coffee maker uses a hot plate to keep the coffee hot. On the other hand, a thermal carafe is more durable and will keep coffee hot for a longer period of time. However, it’s more expensive and much heavier to handle.

4. Does it have a water filter?
Some programmable coffee makers include a water filter. Depending on your water system, a water filter (which will need to be replaced periodically) can remove the taste of chlorine and other impurities from tap water.  

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