How to hang things in an apartment

Command strips for the win! 🙌

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POV: You’re a renter who really wants to make their apartment feel like their own but are terrified to piss off your landlord. 

I’ll let you in on a li’l secret — I’m a serial rental so I’m all too aware of the dos and don'ts of renting. You can’t paint the walls (unless you have a super chill landlord like I had a few years back). You shouldn’t change the flooring (or anything else for that matter). And you most definitely shouldn’t drill holes in the wall, obvi. 

So, does that mean you can’t decorate your apartment? Should you really live in a sterile white box with no color or personality? Definitely not. You’ve just gotta be smart about how you hang things, that’s all. 

Wondering how you can hang things in your rental apartment without upsetting your landlord? We’ve rounded up a selection of ultra-easy ways you can hang things without causing any noticeable damage. 

How to hang things in a rental apartment


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Use adhesive hangers

An ultra-easy way to hang things without causing damage is to use adhesive hangers. They're cheap and easy to use. Plus, there are plenty of options to choose from, from peel-and-stick strips, like these Command strips from Amazon, to Velcro hook and loop self-adhesive strips, like these heavy-duty sticky back ones from Amazon

Utilize a tension rod

Another great option for hanging things without drilling is to use a tension rod, like this set of four mini tension rods from Amazon. If you have a space that has two walls that aren't too far apart, using a tension rod to create a hanging space can work extremely well. A tension rod is great as it's super versatile and can be used to hang pretty much anything, from wall art to posters. Plus, tension rods are completely damage-free. 

Use adhesive tape

Easy peel adhesive tape is another option for decorating your walls without damage. You can use an adhesive table to adhere unframe prints to the walls. It's quick, easy, and when done right can look great. There are lots of options to choose from but we love this pretty gold design from Amazon

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