10 best traditional-style sofa beds

Choosing a sofa bed for your home, whether traditional or contemporary? Want to give your rooms character? Choose period pieces – like these 10 traditional-style sofa beds

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When it comes to choosing a sofa bed for your living room, it's all about style and comfort. We're well aware that finding a sofa bed that's attractive, comfortable AND fits your budget is a true challenge. Luckily for you, we've put together this handy guide to help you purchase your next sofa bed. These sofa beds won't just ensure guests have a great night sleep, they'll also fit seamlessly with your living room. 

Need help choosing a sofa bed?  Whether it's a contemporary sofa bed, a small sofa bed or you're on the hunt for a budget sofa bed, we've got them all.

1. The Chesterfield sofa bed

Sure to add a vintage vibe to any room, the Bulford sofa bed from Willow and Hall doesn’t just look lovely, but it also comes with a 14cm deep mattress so your guests will be sure to get a wonderful night's sleep. 

Willow and Hall Chesterfield sofa bed

(Image: © Willow and Hall )

Willow and Hall Chesterfield sofa for a traditional living room

(Image: © Willow and Hall)

2. The leather sofa bed

It doesn’t get more traditional than a warm brown leather sofa. We love the classic design of this three seater sofa bed from DFS, plus it’s durable, easy to clean and comes in six different shades of leather.

dfs leather sofa bed in a traditional living room

(Image: © dfs)

3. The sofa bed for when space is tight 

Trying to squeeze a sofa bed into a small living room? The Chatnap sofa bed from Loaf is super compact and can be made even more so if you choose to remove the arms. 

light pink sofa bed in grey toned living room by perch & parrow

(Image: © Perch & Parrow)

4. The chaise sofa bed (with hidden storage)

Not only does the Tidworth sofa from Willow and Hall transform into a spacious double bed, it also has a chaise storage compartment. Ideal if you are looking for extra living room storage

Chaise sofa bed with storage in a traditional living room

(Image: © Willow and Hall)

5. The velvet sofa bed

Ah... the velvet sofa. They’ve have been on our lust list for what feels like forever. But just because they are so incredibly beautiful doesn’t mean they can’t also be practical – this velvet Pudding sofa from Loaf has an entire double bed stashed beneath its insanely plump looking cushions. 

Yellow velvet sofa bed

(Image: © Loaf)

Yellow velvet sofa bed

(Image: © Loaf)

6. The budget sofa bed 

Redecorating your living room on a budget? You don’t need to blow all your budget on a sofa bed, this Chou sofa from Made.com comes in under £400 and it even has storage for your spare bedding.

Yellow sofa bed for under £400

(Image: © Made.com)

Yellow sofa bed for under £400

(Image: © Made.com)

7. The Mid-century inspired sofa bed

Going for the Mid-century modern vibe in your living room? The simple design and tapered legs of the Douglas sofa bed from sofa.com would fit right in. 

Mid-century modern inspired sofa bed

(Image: © Sofa.com)

8. The luxury sofa bed

Okay we can all see that this sofa looks great so let’s talk about that mattress. The Zircon sofa bed from DFS comes with a dual layer, super supportive mattress consisting of a polyether foam base with a memory foam top layer. Being relegated to the sofa doesn’t sound so bad now, right?

Sofa bed with luxury mattress

(Image: © dfs)

9. The statement print sofa bed 

Bright, bold, patterned upholstery can be the making of your living room. From polka-dots to floral prints, there are so many fabric choices for sofa beds, so why play it safe? This Ashdown sofa bed comes in hundreds of different prints and fabrics. 

Sofa bed in floral fabric

(Image: © sofasandstuff.com)

10. The ottoman bed

Yep, that’s a thing. And it’s going to raise your hosting game. Last-minute sleepover? Oh wait, let me just pull a bed out of this box you thought was an ottoman. The lid of this Made.com Ilma ottoman is fully upholstered with button detailing that would perfectly fit into a traditional living room. 

Ottoman bed

(Image: © Made.com)

Ottoman bed

(Image: © Made.com)

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