This portable blender is just £16.99 – it's perfect for smoothies on the go

Smoothie lover? This bargain blender can help you get your five a day, even if you're on the move

Lahuko Portable Blender with pink hand bag
(Image credit: Lahuko)

Looking to buy a blender? If you commute to work and are soon due to go back to the office, you'll need a portable option. Because getting up earlier for your commute is going to be hard enough without having to use an incredibly loud smoothie maker for five minutes straight in the morning. 

You may already own the best food processor around, but having a perfectly portable blender too will make weekday mornings a whole lot easier. And, as luck would have it, we've spotted the Lahuko Portable Blender with a huge 43 per cent off at Amazon – it's going straight in our basket.

This portable blender does what it says on the tin. Simply fill it with your favourite fruit and veggies, pop it in your bag and when you get to work, turn it on to do its magic. It's also BPA-free, eco-friendly and it can make juices, baby food and more. You can even take it on an aeroplane – not sure why you'd want to but it's good to know. 

Boasting stainless steel blades that can even cut through ice, though battery-powered, this blender packs a punch. It can hold 380ml of liquid at any one time, and it's rechargeable by USB. To clean, simply pour in some water to the blender, turn it on for a few seconds and then rinse it out and leave to dry. Easy stuff.

See this blender which is now only £16.99 – down from £21.99 – below.

Lahuko Portable Blender | Was £21.99, now £16.99 at Amazon
With a 22,000rpm rotation speed, this blender can do the job in just 30 seconds. Smoothies, juices, you name it, it can blend it. After three hours of charge, it can work for approximately 20 uses. Amazing. It's also a very smart buy for those who often enjoy camping and fishing.View Deal

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How to use this portable blender?

  1. Pick your fruit and veg and once sliced, pop it into the juicer cup so it's filled 60 - 70 per cent. Add some liquid until the cup is filled 80 per cent.
  2. Tighten up the juicer cup's body and base and double click the switch. Turn the cup body upside down and gently shake.
  3. Turn off the switch after it's at your desired thickness. Turn the cup upside down again and unscrew the base. Enjoy it straight from the juicer cup or pour into a glass.