Smelly fridge? You CAN speed clean it – here's how

Whip through the fridge cleaning with our tips – it’ll be sweet-smelling, bacteria- and debris-free, and hygienic in no time

how to clean a fridge
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And when we say ‘in no time’… well, this is a job you can get done in half an hour, which isn’t too much of a chore, is it? A fridge needs to be a clean environment so you can store food safely, and the possibility of spills, food that’s out of date, and nasty niffs that linger all make this a task you should definitely commit to doing at regular intervals.

Use our tips to get your fridge clean in double quick time, and check out our main guide to cleaning a fridge for more.  

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How to speed clean a fridge

The best time to clean your fridge? When it’s not too full. Take the opportunity before you hit the supermarket for the big shop, or get a delivery. If there’s anything that will spoil, stash it in a cool bag with an ice pack. Grab the opportunity to check labels to make sure nothing’s out of date, too.

1. Take out veg and salad drawers next and any shelves that can be removed. 

2. Let any glass come up to room temperature and clean in the sink using washing-up liquid. Leave to dry.

3. Clean the inside of the fridge. Our magic ingredient? A white vinegar and water solution will do it – it cleans, kills germs and nasty smells. Apply, leave to work, then wipe out. Dry using a clean tea towel or paper towels. 

4. Clean the handle and door, too, using warm soapy water, but check manufacturer’s instructions to ensure this is suitable for your fridge finish.

5. Replace dry shelves and drawers, and return food. Don’t forget to wipe any jars and packs before you put them back so they don’t mess up your newly clean fridge.