Selling property online can save you money – here's how

Savvy Leeds property seller proves that selling online can save you many thousands in estate agent fees

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Can selling property online really save you money, and what do you need to do to make it work? Coronavirus has changed the property market and how it works significantly, not least by normalising virtual viewings as a first step for buyers to look at properties.

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While selling online used to be thought of as less desirable than involving an experienced estate agent who will be able to attract serious buyers, there are signs that this attitude is shifting – and that some savvy sellers have made tidy savings by selling multiple properties online. 

Andrea Whitehead from Leeds, age 64, has saved almost £18,000 selling properties online, including a five-bed detached house she sold with a fee of £800 instead of the average estate agent fee of £9,500. She's also sold a three-bed property within 24 hours of listing it online and saved £4,200 in fees by circumventing the traditional estate agent route. 

The fact that Andrea is a professional photographer must have helped: great pictures are very important when listing a property for sale. Andrea gives more tips to succeed at selling properties online.

How to sell your home online

  • Don’t be afraid of using an online service, it puts you in control but with the added benefit of 24/7 support. With Purplebricks you don’t have to wait for the high street shop to open or an estate agent to answer the phone. It’s all online and you can instantly see viewings being booked.
  • Use your agent to help you get your home sale ready and to negotiate the best possible price.
  • There’s great value in being able to build a direct relationship with your buyer. It means you can control the process and ensures you both get the best experience.

Purplebricks add their own sales savvy to help maximise your chances of selling online quickly:

  • Stage your property with buyers' needs in mind: now that gardens and home office spaces are so important, show your property's full potential by staging a room as a study
  • In the current climate, offer live virtual viewings as a first step to show your home. This will help to whittle down the serious buyers. Virtual viewings may even be enough for some buyers.
  • Manage your own expectations – if an offer is £1,000 less than you wanted but the offer is from someone in a proceedable position – this is also valuable.

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