Mrs Hinch has created an amazing DIY pergola – here's how to copy it

Mrs Hinch has shared her finished pergola project on Insta – and we want to copy everything about it

Mrs Hinch pergola ideas we'd like to copy: a hanging chair
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Mrs Hinch, aka the Queen of Clean, has shared her finished garden pergola on Instagram, and we are wowed. Mrs Hinch is proving herself to be a talented stylist as much as a cleaning guru, and this stunning pergola – which looks like a fully fledged outdoor room to us – is proof. The Hinch has vowed that she'll be found in this cosy nook 'rain or shine, breakfast or dinner', and we can totally see why. Here are the five elements from her design we'd like to copy the most. 

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1. The paint colour

Is it grey? Is it blue? is it something between the two? We think the colour choice here is so calming and understated and is just the right depth: not so light that it'll only look good in summer, but not a dark blue either. We think the Forget-me-not shade from Cuprinol comes close to what Mrs Hinch is using.

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2. The rattan furniture

We like how curvy and elegant the rattan furniture Mrs Hinch is using is, without being too traditional. It's a classic design that never goes out of style and will look as good next year as it does now. Try John Lewis for similar styles of rattan garden furniture.

3. The hanging chair

Hanging chairs are probably the trendiest garden items of 2020, and Mrs Hinch's one is our favourite type of hanging chair: woven cotton with a macrame finish. The fact that she's decorated it with plants gives it an especially romantic look. 

4. The lighting

Great outdoor lighting is essential to making an outdoor space inviting and cosy once it gets dark, and we really like the globe-shaped shades Mrs Hinch has used over her pergola lights. The shades create an indoor-outdoor feel, and the lantern adds a boho touch. Find similar lanterns at Lights4fun.

5. The Buddha

Zen in the garden is in vogue, and we're really into this trend. We like how sophisticated the Buddha statue here: it's not too big, and it matches the rest of the pergola decor. 

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