The best leftover turkey sandwich tips from This Morning's Joseph Denison-Carey

This Morning's Joseph Denison-Carey showed us how to make the ultimate leftover turkey sandwich, and with Christmas just around the corner, we're taking note

leftover turkey sandwich cut in half
(Image credit: Photo by Grant Ritchie on Unsplash)

Who doesn't love a leftover turkey sandwich around Christmastime? Better yet, a few hours after Christmas dinner or the next day in a plea of forgiveness to your, ehem, sore head.

It's got everything you could really want, and there is no one way to go about making it either, which is why we value all turkey sandwich making suggestions, accompaniments and all the rest.

So, while you may find it the least interesting of leftover turkey recipes out there, we beg to disagree, because This Morning's Joseph Denison-Carey just revealed a really delicious turkey sarnie variation that uses up lots of leftover bits you may have – Brussels sprouts included – for a really gourmet result. Keep scrolling, pour yourself something mulled and be inspired for your next turkey sandwich creation.

leftover sandwich on a checked table cloth

(Image credit: Photo by Grant Ritchie on Unsplash)

What should you put in a leftover turkey sandwich? 

Turkey is the obvious one in this classic recipe, but then it depends on the overall effect you want from your sandwich. Rich and flavorsome, or tasty and a little more fresh? Whichever you prefer, Joseph Denison-Carey's recipe is sure to hit the spot. Here are his top tips:

1. Fry your bread

Oh yeah, it starts gourmet and in no way will the post-Christmas diet start with this turkey sandwich. Joseph fried a little butter in a pan and just browned one side of each slice of toast. Delicious.

2. Use the turkey leg

It's clear why the turkey leg is the best part of the bird to use as it tends to be a little more juicy and tender, especially if you brine your turkey before hand. So, try your hardest to save some!

Joseph shreds this and mixed it with mayonnaise and seasoning. Easy. 

3. Serve with slaw

But not any kind of slaw, a raw Brussels sprouts slaw. This is what will give the sandwich a little crunch, tons more flavor and a slightly false impression that it's healthy too.

Joseph simply shredded the sprouts and combined them with a salad dressing of Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar (though apple cider vinegar is a great alternative and super healthy) seasoning and double the amount of olive oil to vinegar. We are really keen to try this, especially as raw Brussels sprouts taste so different to say roasted Brussels sprouts (which we also love). 

4. Add cheese

Yep, knowing what cheese top include in your turkey sandwich is often a tricky choice. Especially if you've only got a sorry piece of stilton leftover from your Christmas Day cheese board. But Joseph used grated parmesan which will. give it that lovely nutty taste which you may otherwise get from chestnuts, as well as great texture. He mixed this into the salad dressing to coat the sprouts, ahead of adding some fried off pancetta. This recipe is not doing things by halves is it? Divine.

5. Assemble with style

It is of course the ingredients that really matter, but it's also how you build your sandwich that counts. For the perfect leftover Christmas turkey sandwich, Joseph started off by adding cranberry sauce to one side of bread (the not toasted side), following this with the turkey and mayo mixture, topping then with the Brussels sprouts slaw and finally the final slice of partly toasted bread. Done. 

What's next? Polish it off before someone else eats it as this recipe is for one!