Here's where to buy antibacterial wipes – and 5 places you MUSTN'T use them

We've rounded up all the stores selling antibacterial wipes online – and with stock! Stay home, stay safe

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Antibacterial wipes are like gold dust at the moment. Not quite on the level of toilet roll or hand sanitiser, but still, they are up there with things people are giving their first born child for. So because bargaining your offspring isn't an ideal situation, we have rounded up all the places where you can still buy antibacterial wipes online. 

We have covered the big supermarkets where you can still pick antibacterial wipes while doing your online order (plus the info on the delivery times), online pharmacies and Amazon. For more topics health and beauty related make sure you check out our hub page. 

Where NOT to use anti-bacterial wipes

  • Your hands: not only are they packed with harsh chemicals that will damage your skin, these chemicals will be harmful if swallowed. If there's residue on your hands, it's going to end up in your mouth, even if you're trying hard not to put your hands in your mouth. Soap and water and a good rinse afterwards is better.
  • Children's toys: what do they do with their toys? Put them in their mouth. Again, soap and water is better.
  • Leather and lacquered surfaces: these will be damaged by the chemicals, just as your skin will. Use only appropriate surface cleaners.
  • Your sofa, carpets and soft furnishings: they won't work at effectively removing bacteria, but they will dampen fabrics, making them the perfect breeding ground for germs.
  • Kitchen and bathroom surfaces: use them by all means, but know that they're not sufficient – you'll need to deep clean your home to be sure you've done the job properly. 

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